Monday, November 30, 2015

One of My Books Has A Best-Seller Rank!


Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #279,987 Paid in Kindle Store
  • #581 in Kindle Store > Kindle Short Reads > 45 minutes (22-32 pages) > Self-Help
  • #7127 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Nonfiction > Self-Help
  • #18035 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Health, Fitness & Dieting

Sunday, November 29, 2015


1. Perpetual motion is not yet real if it is not publicly disclosed.

2. For, we know about things like vaginas.

3. Stone-Age technology would be obvious and apparent unless women are monsters (e.g. if vaginas are not what they seem, which doesn't seem to have any other alternative, since what is not human, or in these terms less obvious, not a man, is a monster).

4. And, if women are monsters, in the Information Age we should know about it!

5. Women are monsters, or we would know about perpetual motion, if it is already given to us.


  •  #869,291 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
    • #388 in Kindle Store > Kindle Short Reads > 15 minutes (1-11 pages) > Education & Reference
    • #496 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Reference > Quotations
    • #1604 in Books > Reference > Quotations
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #593,769 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)
    • #1183 in Books > Politics & Social Sciences > Philosophy > Movements

WORKING PROCESS / Basic Steps to Developing a Mathematical Model of Perpetual Motion Machines

In the following, I adopt the idea that the math step is just as long as the design step, and often occurs after-the-fact:

1. Undifferentiated masses.

2. Proportionality (in structure and mass)

3. Differential capacity (motion from rest)

4. 'Zero difference' potential

(equivalent altitudes with motion,
or equivalent sub-cycles with outputted
energy in each sub-cycle).

5. Undifferentiated equations (null standard).

6. Over-unity equation.

7. Generalized equations of over-unity (similar).

8. Law of Exceptions (analogous to computing).

My main website on perpetual motion machines may be found at:



I never had a job.

I lost weight.

I could feel myself diversifying.

And, I confess:

Nothing looked straight arrow anymore!

For information on which brands I may have contributed to, SEE:

Recent Quotes has Been Updated Periodically (Late Nov 2015)


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Experiences That Will Boost Your Brain Cells

The following are likely to work on adults with I.Q.s between 100 and 135. Advise these people to say these things themselves, repeatedly, until they get something out of it:

"It's Amazing."

"Money is great for your health."

"We stop believing in magic is the problem with health."

"And, what you'll finally learn, is: it's inside your own mind."

(find the the tag:

#agoodpsychologist on Twitter!)

Parents and Teachers should consider using the following alternate methods with children:

"A quack doctor, eh? Is good for children's intelligence"

"What's good for children's intelligence? I don't know what!"

"Guess what's good for children's intelligence? Creativity! Math! Everything!"

"Here I am, amongst a bunch of young geniuses! Each of you has your own unique brand of intelligence. Now you know that!"

Friday, November 27, 2015

9 Geographic Regions in the U.S. with 2+ Confirmed Sales

Highest-selling region is New York (6 Sales), and Combined Regions (7 sales).

See my author page for titles:

Two Foreign Language Translations of my work are now available!

Die Goldenen Notebook [German translation of The Golden Notebook]

von Nathan Coppedge aus dem Englischen von Christopher Leichtman


Nathan Coppedge ist Autor von über 60 Bücher in englischer Sprache. Seine Ruhe ist als "[ A] Philosophen, Künstler, Erfinder und Dichter in einigen Kapazität. "Er ist ein Mitglied der International Honor Gesellschaft für Philosophie. Er ist für seine Ansichten zu bekannten Perpetuum Mobiles und seine kohärente Philosophie. Er ist auch ein Künstler des Hypercubist Kunstbewegung. Seine wissenschaftliche Artikel umspannen Themen wie objektives Wissen, Metaphysik, Psychologie, und Unsterblichkeit.


Les Écrits Spirituelle d' Nathan Coppedge [French translation of The Spiritual Writings]
par Nathan Coppedge Traduit de l'anglais par Josephina Neumeyer
Écriture Asceticurean

Au Avant:
Non toute intelligence pour sortir de l'époque contemporaine fait un grand geste à l'intérieur des universités.
Rarement, il ya quelqu'un «plus significatif» qui a fait un travail important ailleurs.      
Un exemple (à la fois pour sa vie et de travail, mais il reste jeune), est Nathan Coppedge.
Bien que pratiquement inconnu, il a fait des incursions importantes.      
Un exemple est sa solution ingénieuse à tous les paradoxes, dont il a nommé les «paroxysme» après un livre de Baudrillard.      
Un autre exemple est sa méthode de connaissance objective, qu'il compare en importance à la version précédente de non délimitée du système Cartésien.      
Encore un autre exemple peut être Écrits spirituels de Coppedge, qui, si nous sommes chanceux, va survivre dans l'ère suivante.

{Don't tell anyone, but I used the Google Translator!}


METAMETAPHYSICS, FROM OXFORD U PRESS, including an introduction by David Manley that is the subject of one of my recent articles HERE.





Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Updated Intellectual Pages

Some additional insights and observations are now visible concerning coherent knowledge and related endeavors, at:


The site focuses on philosophy now.

A mobile- (tabet, cell-phone-) friendly version of the page may be found by following the link on the error page.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Unique Physical Properties? Offset Lever Pendulum Using Volitional Mechanics

I twisted the central rod quickly 180 degrees,

Believe it or not AFTER it reached the 180 degree point, it then twisted completely 360 degrees beyond that point, and ended up HERE (in the second photo) where it started.

I think this is unusual physics due to the properties of the offset lever, and the ratio with the pendulum. I would be glad to get confirmation from anyone who knows more about the EXACT physics.

I am a believer in exact properties, so it is possible that this case could not be repeated easily with slightly different weights or lengths. The ratio of the mass of the pendulum glass blob to the length of the string of the pendulum actually has an exact ratio to the mass and length of the central rod, producing something like ideal physics (at least I think so).

Monday, November 23, 2015



Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #284,335 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)
    • #124 in Books > Engineering & Transportation > Engineering > Reference > Patents & Inventions


Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #309,300 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
  • #101 in Kindle Store > Kindle Short Reads > 15 minutes (1-11 pages) > Education & Reference
  • #140 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Reference > Quotations
  • #512 in Books > Reference > Quotations


Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #200,714 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
  • #110 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Reference > Dictionaries & Thesauruses
  • #460 in Books > Reference > Dictionaries & Thesauruses > Dictionaries
  • #58029 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Nonfiction

    Update at Dimensional Phenomenology Group

    (Quote about 2-d reality)

    Saturday, November 21, 2015

    180 followers on Twitter for the first time!


    Psychic Truths

    "Intuitive knowledge can be had by trusting the insights that have worked in the past, that still relate with the new." ---Nathan Coppedge

    "Nothing that is conceivably causally connected is entirely a coincidence."---Nathan Coppedge

    "The old intuition is young or wise, but it does not involve youth or wisdom." ---Nathan Coppedge

    New Spiritual Book

    The Spiritual Writings is being pre-released.

    154 pages.


    Still a student at SCSU, and continuing to formulate his own philosophy of coherence and objectivity, Coppedge struggled with concepts of radical subjectivity, and was inspired by Zen Buddhism, Epicurus, and his own investigations into bold abstract art. The result, unlike some of his other works, which were written as encyclopedias, was one continuous text, written with the purpose of capturing a new, elusive religion. The notebook, which spanned several years of deep inner-searching, took the form of a spiritual journal. In it are contained thoughts summarizing Coppedge’s revolutionary religious perspective.


    The Discover(tm) Seeker Network has Adopted a Philosophical Symbol

    It is similar to a design I made for one of the 'apertures' of philosophy...

    Similar to a philosophical diagram...

    Anyway, there it is for curiosity's sake.

    It appeared at the end of a video for the Lost Library of the Saharan Desert (I printed the screen. I have not seen it anywhere else).

    In my own work, it is the mouth of the sphinx, a symbol for unsolvable puzzles and riddles that have only one answer... It is analogous to the 1 and 0.

    Nathan Coppedge aka Asceticurus, in his Studio

    The Asceticurean religion was founded recently by Nathan Coppedge, so I have adopted the name "Asceticurus" as a historical moniker in relation to that practice. This form of spirituality emphasizes aesthetic and ascetic virtues, specifically positive forms of existentialism, metaphysical literature, living inside museums, dieting, etc.

    My Spiritual Writings are present online in video form, and a wider selection will soon be available on book form.

    An earlier writing that is key for Asceticureanism is The Metaphysical Art, a masterful writing that is available for free, clarifying the metaphysical insights necessary to master metaphysics in 3 dimensions. That writing dates from August of this year, and was originally written on my blog.

    A few additional quotes are available HERE.

    Significant views to my Over-Unity Video...

    4,548 at Evidence Against the Classical Model on Academicroom.

    2,386 at successful over-unity experiment 1 on youtube.

    (Same video).

    = almost 7000 views to successful over-unity experiment.

    = approaching 1% of a million views (10,000 would be 1%).

    Now in the Top 1% of Researchers on


    47 Followers  |  121 Following  |  4,296 Total Views  |   Top 0.5%

    By comparison, Stephen Yablo, a relatively popular philosopher at MIT, is in the Top 0.1%.

    8397 views to academicroom articles

    = 12,693+ views to my academic articles to date. Yay!

    That's about 1.2% of a million!

    Links to my Most Popular posts

    May 31, 2007
    Tidings of Prodigious Fame         125

    Thursday, November 19, 2015

    Hint of School Life of an Introvert, for those that are missing out...

    Here is the building I used to pass walking to SCSU (recently I take the bus through the middle).

    Strangely, I never attend the lectures held in that building. Well, I tried once and was bored out of my mind...

    Sometimes I wonder if I've influenced the architecture of SCSU. For example, I did some drawings of buildings in high school that are similar. And, an architect once asked my opinion. I even caught the new library addition looking exactly like a drawing I showed the architect... But, it was only for a few days. then they took down the U-shaped boards that were leaning against the window and the building started to look more typical... just a computer lab with typical steel beams... and some stained-glass windows...

    Golden Notebook has been updated...

    This is a work of philosophy. A book of original, highly modified quotations.

    Now featuring an additional page interpreting Immanuel Kant, in addition to the earlier sections on Lichtenberg, Locke, and Novalis.

    Novalis in particular is remarkable, but in this interpretive format, so are the others.

    More information / book available for purchase, at:

    New Highly Prospective Design for Perpetual Motion (Trough Pendulum)




    In its full embodiment a similar wire or mobile track support would run parallel without fixed support for the marble during that portion of the motion. The marble would only apply full pressure on the bar side (not implemented here), leading up to full application on the long, unweighted end of the pendulum. The remainder (shown) would have a fixed track (shown) with the wire pushing upwards after activating the pendulum. The upwards motion during fixed support would compensate for the slight drop necessary to move the pendulum. 

    The motion is made possible by checking the range of the pendulum with some sort of stop, like the string shown.

    These 'diagrams' are also available at a more official location, at:

    Wednesday, November 18, 2015

    Increased Google Search Rank!

    39th for 'perpetual motion machines' currently on google objective search, supposedly! yay!

    Slightly higher if I count the pages I contributed to...

    For example, a question about perpetual motion (which has a higher rank), (which has a higher rank), (which has a lower rank featuring my article).

    Not getting many results for people that own my artwork. SOMEONE SHOULD PUT SOMETHING ON THE INTERNET ABOUT HOW THEY OWN A NATHAN COPPEDGE!


    Watershed day in minor Wikipedia results!

    2 pages of 'Coppedge' results in multimedia on Wikipedia now! yay!



    Only God is capable of the opinion that it IS God (genuinely).

    So, God is not supposed to have horcruxes of himself in other people's brains.

    Therefore, God is supposed to be a lonely God.

    And, sanity is about settling the competing voices in your brain.

    Which are not God, and therefore, can be settled.

    There are two upshots of this:

    1. If you think little (if people think you're an idiot) then think slightly more than usual, but less than people think you think.

    2. If you think a lot, then chaos is the answer!

    3. Or, be a lonely God.


    'Charged to win?'

    'Well, if I don't win, can I take a vacation?'

    Imagine if you can take a vacation instead!

    Or, imagine that you are 'charged to win'!

    Imagine that being 'charged to win' means the best thing happens!

    And, taking a vacation means solving all problems!

    Metaphorically, how does this not solve all problems?

    For, in one sense, solving all problems is literally solving them---

    In another case, problem-solving means the best-thing-happens.

    Tuesday, November 17, 2015


    "Give substance to a physic pause...
    Nature's all-gnawing vice!..."

    "Atoned to me internally...
    That it was not wise..."

    "Arranged to think of different things---
    Snowing was not persons..."

    "In the midst of summer was revealed...
    An Ancient Jew upon a soccer field..."

    "I grew more timely with the rhyme...
    That overcame my mortal mind!..."

    "The stranger sits as if to atone...
    Thinking Paris is not Rome..."

    "The wonderful world doesn't sing...
    And tea makes music blissfully..."

    "I stopped calling things eachother...
    Patterns in my mind..."

    "Admonished me the unloved year...
    Would furnish wine..."

    "A dusty surface extended in space...
    The brashness of corsairs..."

    "To learn to live and laugh and cry...
    And then to play the lover or the fool..."

    "Art dies...
    When no crow flies..."

    "To live to wake from matter and decay...
    While the stream runs dry..."

    "To humans, things fall in pairs...
    A semblance of absurd..."

    "A blizzard of wizards...
    God's symmetrical absurd..."

    "The immortal mind will understand...
    While I die I am dead..."

    "The air is full of miracles...
    Like the shock of a wave..."

    "This snakey truth imputes the human mind...
    That matter is not reasonable..."


    Is 'X' happening? Someone could guarantee that it is happening rather cheaply, why not?

    It is a different question whether two things are separate.

    Are two things happening?

    Well, we can ask, does that mean one thing isn't happening, or does it just mean something more complex is happening?

    Or does it in fact mean we can reduce the criteria for one thing happening, sinc it now consists of less unified complexity, one argues (like 2 is the sq. rt. of 4)?

    I find this last explanation most reasonable.

    Evidently, something could be less unified without being less real.

    And yet, the division retains an efficiency in explaining complexity.

    Apparently, reality is efficient (un-unified or un-complex), or else necessarily real, in the sense of retaining complexity.

    Now we can ask, is it s a potential universe? Perhaps only if its potential can be actualized. For example, as a thought experiment, we don't know that the universe is not perception.

    It is unfair to treat the universe as necessarily ONLY objective, if the non-objective is what we supposedly perceive.

    But, it seems more likely that the universe has potential where it can be actualized, than that it is either non-objective or objective specifically.

    For, what tells us that it is necessarily one way and not another? That is like imposing a moral paradigm.

    It is more like it just IS or ISN'T.

    Now we reach the ultimate idea, that THE POTENTIAL IS THE ACTUAL.

    The universe itself is undergoing EVOLUTION.


    "Comfort is baby evolution." ---Nathan Coppedge (unless you know of someone else).

    "What reprises the role of most organisms is their seemingly convoluted symbiosis: the way their attributes appear maximally aligned with local inhabitants. (Humans might accept volcanoes in the way some aliens accept spiky plants)." ---Nathan Coppedge, Scientific Theories

    "Beyond a certain point, perfection is what we think about. But beyond that point, functionality is what we think about. And, beyond that, complexity is what we think about. Beyond that, coherency is what we think about."

    "Suicide is the ultimate karma failure, judging pejoratively."

    "Intuitive knowledge can be had by trusting the insights that have worked in the past, that still relate with the new." ---Nathan Coppedge

    "Nothing that is conceivably causally connected is entirely a coincidence."---Nathan Coppedge

    "The old intuition is young or wise, but it does not involve youth or wisdom." ---Nathan Coppedge

    "There are some things that have to be done professionally before they really start to work. Perpetual motion might be one of them. Other examples are portrait painting and the manufacture of the best sorts of toys."

    "If it cheats, it works! If it works, it cheats! But, to cheat, it must be authentic!"

    "For every paradox, there is a paroxysm. For every problem there is a solution." ---Nathan Coppedge, Intellectual Themes Bk. 2

    "A problem, such as a math problem, is a potentially solvable problem...When a problem fills up a certain amount of space, then at least conceptually, the solution lies OUTSIDE THE SPACE. That is why problems are solvable." ---Nathan Coppedge, Causal Necessity of Problems (Intellectual Themes Bk. 2)

    "The existential question of the self leads to the existential question of the other." ---Nathan Coppedge, Intellectual Themes Bk. 2

    "Life's ambiguities and arbitrations amount to complexities and efficiencies and other similar concepts, which, if they are not resolved in any other fashion, at least benefit by the occasional epiphany. Indeed, epiphany appears to be the key to understanding distant relations between objects and other entities. If it is not a sheer mess and an epiphany, then the tangle of various aspects of thought and existence could then amount to some type of paradigm, a platform or function which would be at least in terms of its value, self-containing. Beyond that point, we reach for the basic under-pinnings of consciousness." ----Nathan Coppedge, A Mass of Related Things [quoted in full from Intellectual Themes Bk. 2]

    "Regarding the scientific community: sometimes I relinquish my thoughts to the idea that it requires their insight, their judgment, and their opinion. This is not a good feeling. I would like to emphasize that." ---Nathan Coppedge, Nov 2015

    "[T]here may be many people that realize they are their own fathers who do not time-travel at all." ---Nathan Coppedge, Nov 2015, via

    "[Concerning Hilbert's Infinite Hotel]: Since some of these variables concern the dimensions themselves, arguably there is no way to concern the data exclusively with lower-dimensional entities." ---Nathan Coppedge, Nov 2015, via

    "A semantic theory of health holds that the reason that companies don’t hold standards is because some people don’t hold standards. Thus, poor standards are responsible for poor health." ---Nathan Coppedge, Scientific Theories

    "Photography comes from nature. But we don't really have nature. That's where photography comes from. A metaphysician on the other hand, invents nature. A metaphysician is on firmer ground." ---Nathan Coppedge

    "The universe seems to tell me: we like progress, but we think it needs to be justified." ---Nathan Coppedge

    "Maybe I shouldn't give myself unto the raal" --- Nathan Coppedge, Gestalt question

    "Some may find everything is found to be disappointing except immortality to the immortal." ---Nathan Coppedge

    "Change: that's a wise conundrum! Surely not all we change are clothes!" ---Nathan Coppedge

    "Limited perception rewards a paradigm of success or reduced obligation. A dimensional paradigm." ---Nathan Coppedge

    "What most people mean by stochastic is 'stockistic'. The true meaning of stochastic involves systematic variation from a single starting-point. It is not the same as saying 'empirical' or 'empirically relevant'." ---Nathan Coppedge

    MORE QUOTES AT: Coppedge


    Michael is a PhD. in Political Science focusing on Democracy, and Brian is a child prodigy in computer programming and other subjects. Michael is Brian's father and mine.

    Brian: "I just read an article about 'probiotics' supposedly you can kill bad bacteria by eating saurkraut."

    Michael: "So, you're willing to eat saurkraut? Worth a shot, eh?"

    Brian: "Yeah, I think I'll try some."

    (Michael and Brian buy saurkraut. Brian tries some).

    Brian: "My stomach just made a noise."

    Michael: "That's the sound of the good guys losing!"

    Brian: "I want to think the good guys won, even if it's the first time!"

    Michael: "With anything entrenched like this, it's an uphill battle."

    Brian: "I'm not saying it's efficient, I'm just saying they may have won!"

    This last line was especially influential on my later interest in perpetual motion machines! Incidentally, I recently got the supposed news about saurkraut some 24 years later, and have decided to 'try some' (following Brian's vegetarian example)!

    By the way, the entire time I was in the background saying nothing, and eventually only chirped in to say that I ate a lot of meat, and didn't want any saurkraut. Michael then commented to Brian that 'at least you're fighting the battle. Apparently, in Nathan's case, the bad guys have completely taken over!'.

    Monday, November 16, 2015

    Improved status at

    link to profile: NATHAN COPPEDGE

    44 Followers  |  121 Following  |  3,657 Total Views  |   top 2%

    Saturday, November 14, 2015

    Gradually Collected Quotes From Others About Morality / Ethics

    "If, then, this civilization is to be saved, if it is not to be submerged by centuries of barbarism, but to secure the treasures of its inheritance on new and more stable foundations, there is indeed need for those now living fully to realize how far the decay has already progressed."

    ---Johan Huizinga (1872-1945), Dutch historian. In the Shadow of Tomorrow, ch. 1 (1936). Written as the clouds of WW II gathered.

    "It is impossible to strive for the heroic life. The title of hero is bestowed by the survivors upon the fallen, who themselves know nothing of heroism."

    ---Johan Huizinga (1872-1945), Dutch historian. The Spirit of the Netherlands (1968).

    "The things which can make life enjoyable remain the same. They are, now as before, reading, music, fine arts, travel, the enjoyment of nature, sports, fashion, social vanity (knightly orders, honorary offices, gatherings) and the intoxication of the senses."

    ---Johan Huizinga (1872-1945), Dutch historian. The Autumn of the Middle Ages, ch. 2 (1921, trans. 1995).

    Links (My Most Interesting Recent Posts)

    The Tweet that Made Perpetual Motion History?...

    Proof (?) We're All Turning into Gods the Next Time we Die, and forgetting everything...  The Holy Deduction:

    Shortcut to Infinite Knowledge:

    My Memory of a Possible Nobel Prize Investigation:

    Modification of Kolmogorov's Axioms of Probability:

    Dimensional Equation Tested:

    Future Predictions on the Premise of Technocracy:

    The Two Personalities of Symbolism (Binary Personality Assessments) :

    Recent perpetual motion attempt (promising but inadequately built):

    Quotes from the Golden Notebook:

    Contemporary Metaphysics (luxury shampoo, etc.) :

    The Metaphysical Art (Asceticurean Writing from August):

    How to Make the World Immortal:

    Some of the best health advice I have received recently... (Nov 2015)

    Things to cut out:

    1. Certain fake breads (including Subway until recently, and possibly many other culprits, e.g. artificial usually non-whole-grain / instant-puffing bread)
    2. Artificial sweeteners found in diet soda (200% weight gain with diet soda)
    3. Coffee and sugar (caffeine and sugar contribute to yeast buildup in the stomach).
    4. Alcohol (causes sugar cravings, leads to harmful bacteria resulting in weight gain).

    Upshot: eat saurkraut without meat to improve probiotics. Yogurt is supposedly not as good. Otherwise, you need to buy some special pill.

    I have cut out alcohol, coffee, and most artificial sweeteners, and have not indulged the fake bread much. However, I do drink caffeine in other forms, and have significant sugar intake. But, I have recently lost weight, which is good news for my probiotics!

    Who knew plain saurkraut might be the key to weight loss? But, combined with a little exercise and other healthy foods, it probably is!

    Friday, November 13, 2015

    "Historical Concepts" Qua Essence

    There is something to be said for the idea that coral belongs to the classical age.

    The simple interpretation of this statement elicits the response, "Then why don't we live in the age of plastic?"

    And the simple answer to that is that we are part of history.

    But the complex response is that history is largely invented.

    And the history that exists now is an accumulation of objects from previous ages.


    Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prophecies, Part 11

    I retract my statement about 18,000s requiring perpetual motion. Technically it doesn't. Clean industries and financial resourcefulness could turn some of the following things into big industries:

    *Industrial Space Mining ISM (platinum, for instance, used for expensive permanent modular adaptive computer systems, if possible, or some other elements).

    *Personal Data Enhancement for Small Businesses and Citizenship Platforms (think forum-going crowd. This is an under-rated possibility, when other sectors are doing okay. The goal is to profit on those who have already made a profit).

    *Highest-Interested Bidder Enhanced Existence Modules (Hi-Beem).

    *Binary Economics with Inverse-Category Testing (BI-CT). This is a method for guaranteeing profits. In this method, money in one sector means the opposite thing as money in another sector. Consequently, one or another sector wins. When you have two independent axes, then if the products have exponential value, then profit can be increased indefinitely without any risk of loss. It involves either combining non-opposite types of income, or maximizing one of many sectors and then trading it at a profit for something that combines well with other factors. For example, investing in computers, and then creating a business out of automatic aesthetics programming which can be used as a form of currency. Multiple currency trading with a variable-technology component.

    *Other efficient uses of data (OEUD or 'ODD' Other Data Derivatives). For example, farming general and specific categories for minor ehaanced functions that can be sold with software. This could turn into big business, particularly if it does not require a human programmer.

    *General-Purpose Software-Creating Software (GPSCS or GSP General Software Platform). This might usher in a new type of 'hacker citizen' that can get unique functions easily and create unique compatibility with a lot of creative and intellectual modes. The functions wouldn't have to be very advanced to get appreciation from the average citizen user.

    *Selling Fantasies. This is an idea whose age has come. With the right data capacities (Say, sometimes a USB stick might do...) you might be able to create simple movies or text output that fits within certain desire-fulfillment criteria for various personality types. This should be at least as lucrative as luxury shampoo, since shampoo uses a primitive version of the same paradigm.

    And so on, you get the idea!

    Get with it, it's the information age!

    People need a replacement for books, and the answer is a platform that responds to what the user really wants, at a personal, consumeristic, and also spiritual level! People want luxury existence, and it's easy to understand that, fundamentally!

    If people don't want one thing, they want another thing. It's a simple principle to work with. Just toggling between options might be enough to create a user-friendly design for fulfilling the deepest desires of the citizen consumer!


    Interactive Math Program, 2000 - 2001.

    "Today we're going to study perpetual motion machines... Most perpetual motion machines come in a predictable form. What form is that? A wheel. Most wheels have one key problem: you cannot change the bearings or what have you without introducing something from the outside."

    "Actually, yes, you can!" I said (perhaps mistaking his question). "You can fix the rod-member that runs through the wheel, and then attach something to that."

    Jonathan: "I'm not sure what you mean."

    "You can fix something inside the wheel by attaching it to the rod member."

    "The fulcrum, he means." said Mr. Romao. "Does it work?"

    "I don't know if it works, I just know that it works. It works for the effect, the supposed effect, that I thought you were referring to."

    "So, maybe there is perpetual motion, according to Nathan Coppedge."

    "So, let's devote the rest of the class to designing perpetual motion machines." Mr. Romao said.

    All I could come up with is that single wheel.

    "Better than we could do." Jonathan said. "We didn't invent anything. Just a variation of the Bah-Ska-Ra wheel."

    Thursday, November 12, 2015

    Art Views (Nathan Coppedge's art on the web)

    Over 96,000 views to my art on the web now, including:

    6000 views on to date.

    The following views come from my older browsing gallery:
    21,000 1st Cycle.
    34,000 2nd Cycle.
    13,000 Paintings.
    5,000 Woodland Exhibit.
    7,000 Claire's Exhibit.
    6,000 Whitespace Exhibit.
    4,000 Simpler Paintings.

    The Day the Nobel Prize Investigators Visited Me

    I think this was around 2011 - 2013, at my Suite on Orange St. in New Haven.

    Someone knocked on my door.

    "Hi, you're Nathan Coppedge? We're investigating a Nobel Prize?"

    "For me? I mean, really! For me?"

    "Well, this is a very cursory thing. We're just checking to see if you 'might be' a valid candidate. It's either yes or no. If it's no, then you won't ever win the Nobel Prize."

    "I would say, I'm a little immature. Too immature for this!" I said.

    "You could be indicted for fraud" one of them said, helpfully.

    "My experiments are honest, but incomplete" I said.

    "Well, that's that!" someone said.

    And, that was it.

    For a long time I just assumed it was a joke arranged by my mother.

    But my mother said it wasn't.

    Nothing else came of it.

    So, I had to assume it was real.

    (Another option I'm considering is that my friend Laura Fawcett arranged it with the staff of the Peobody Museum. And another option is that it was a large group of neighbors in my building. But who knows).

    Later the landlord asked me:

    "Did you win the Nobel Prize?"

    I said, "No, not yet."

    "What about the people?"

    "What people?"

    "Those people who visited---"

    "Oh, those people. I think they were just joking around."

    He said: "That's a lot of people to joke around with."

    There was a deadness in his voice, like I was joking around with the American people.

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    Tuesday, November 10, 2015

    Concerning the 2nd Dimension of Proportional Numbers

    Proportional numbers are numbers that fall between the finite and the infinite. Here I show for the first time a concept of what it would be to have two proportional numbers acting simultaneously on the same variable.

    1. Things do not do what things do (Absolute Standard).

    2. Not cheating is expensive (Measurable Standard).

    3. Efficiency is cheap (Easy Standard).

    4. Form tends to seek variation in non-dimensions (Effective Standard).

    The Laws of Physics to Qualifics /Simple Laws of Physics by Nathan Coppedge

    Alternately, 'The Dimensional Laws of Physics'.

    In a broad conception:

    1. Things do what things do, potentially and actually (Design, Nature, Construction, etc.)

    2. Cheating is expensive (Exceptions, Karmic Law, Technology, etc.)

    Less important:

    3. Expense is relative and may evolve (Available tools, Repetition, Standards of success, etc.)

    4. Form tends to seek variation in dimensions (Mathematics, Cause and effect, Creativity, etc.)


    One can picture a bounded Cartesian Coordinate System with a mote in the middle.

    This becomes the basis for the form-human, with the mote raised to the head, and the axis-arms filling in the arms and legs of the human.

    Now, the question is, what is another idea of a living species, for more dimensions? What is a form more perfect than the form-human?

    I have some tentative answers and hints on this subject, even though I feel I have not conclusively solved the problem.

    Clearly the nearest allegory to a simpler human occurs early in human gestation, with the contact between the semen and the egg. If there is no more conclusive hint about where our species is developing, then we might find clues in the semen and the egg, as to what species we become!

    For example, a woman might become a planet, and a man might become a process. But, we are getting ahead of ourselves.

    An initial formulation of the form-human in terms of the mote might be:

    "Mote Opposite Mote Context" --- representing the head, arms, etc.

    A development of the next form in the same number of dimensions might equal:

    "History Infinity Immortality Form"

    (Paradoxes solved by paroxysm:)

    Divided world dysfunctional layers = binary self functioning inherently.

    This might be a tentative ultimate boundary.

    = power thrown at the world.
    = causality alive.
    = thinking the world.

    Non-evolution of the body = evolving by death.

    If we want to solve 'evolving by death' then we get 'Non-evolution of the body'. Or there is no paradox.

    Ghosts? >Just binary principles.

    Body's desire for ghosts = death desireless for the body.

    Creative license? > Just binary principles.

    Conscious machine creative license = unconscious plant / reality destroying the meaningless.

    Meaningless? > Just binary principles.

    Meaningful plant, or:
    Binary paradox = division, no paradox.

    Universe? > New paradigm? (Become a woman?)

    Cleavage universe un-dimensional = undivided multiverse, dimensional.

    Multiverse body = universal mind.
    Crude reality = refined fantasy.
    Double development = divided ends.
    Less motion = more dimension.

    So, there may be several options:

    1. Ghost vs. Desire.
    2. Machine vs. Creative license.
    3. Organic vs. Meaningless.
    4. Cleavage vs. Universe.
    5. Multiverse (woman and/ or organic and/ or machine and/ or ghost and/ or some other module)

    That's about the biggest clue I have about the 4th - 7.5th dimension for now, in terms of entities.

    Maybe some underlying obsession will take over.

    Best candidates are logic and sex, machines and paradise.


    "For in mathematics when I conceptually represent something to myself as possible I can also make it, construct it, in my thought: to one two I add the other two, one by one, and so myself make the number four; or from one point to another I draw in thought all kinds of lines" ---Kant, Prelegomena, p. 75


    "Pure mathematics is possible only because it bears on mere objects of the senses." ---Immanuel Kant, Prelegomena, p. 18


    "Now we seem to have made the problem worse than ever, for now we have to ask: How can one intuit anything a priori? An intuition is a representation of a sort that ·ordinarily· depends directly on the presence of the object. ·There’s no problem about an intuition of an object that is present to one at the time, or of an object that has been present at an earlier time" ---Immanuel Kant, in a section about mathematics. (The Prelegomena, p. 17 / Main Transcendental Problem, Part 8),

    Monday, November 9, 2015

    Support your author!

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    Support your author!

    And get a book in the bargain!

    I want to be in the top 100,000 authors next year!

    Premier Philosophical Research Part 1

    The problem of the balding man is a traditional paradox in philosophy.

    The solution to the paradox of the balding man, by paroxysm is:

    "Un-ambiguous missing hair." or "Hair solves the paradox".

    (The problem is ambiguous hair, or the no hair problem is un-paradoxical).

    However, there are other formulations of the problem,

    For example,

    Someone who thinks the problem is "Thin / no hair."

    They solve the problem with "Big hair."

    But, if they think the only problem is thin hair,

    Then their solution is something like "No big hair" or "No biggie hair."

    But if someone thinks the problem is hair itself, then,

    The solution is always no hair, or no hair solution, without a paradox.

    So, people who think hair is a problem tend not to believe a paradox is a problem,

    Or, tend to think everything is a problem so everything has a solution, because the problem is more than just big or thin hair or ambiguity or no hair.

    (Dire warning about that!)

    On the other hand, the simplest answer is that if the problem is being bald, the answer is hair. But then solution and problem are the same thing.

    Sunday, November 8, 2015

    Going Beyond Literary Proofs of Perpetual Motion


    What is a principle of proportional advantage?

    It occurs when relating two separate points. One point is moving horizontally, and the other is moving vertically. If you take the sum of their movements, they are necessarily shorter than some diagonal distance between the two dimensions of space. There, you have proportional advantage, which can be sustained through mass-mass interactions.

    Theoretically, goodbye, Noether's Theorem (there is a proportional advantage, after all!)

    A mass can move an equal mass the same distance, when the first moving mass is unsupported, and the second mass is supported partly on the horizontal.

    Relatively, goodbye, First Law of Thermodynamics (in principle, then, heat can be created from rest).

    Dominoes that don't always have to be reset.

    Goodbye, Second Law of Thermodynamics! (Heat energy can emerge almost arbitrarily).

    Goodbye, Universal Newtonian Laws.

    Some rare systems have a variety of different properties of sustainable heat composition.

    Goodbye, Third Law of Thermodynamics, I miss you!

    Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prophecies, Part 10

    17,910.33 Up 46.90(0.26%) 

    You can see that stocks are up again, and heading towards 18,000. That means people are making money on average. It also tends to mean that the companies are making money.

    Heading towards 18,000 means that perpetual motion very soon must be built eventually, or stocks will drop. But you can note my recent post on this blog which says that perpetual motion is proven beyond a doubt.

    This is back to a pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps mentality. Except, it's the information age, and you can always get things done by hiring other people. If you have enough projects, companies take off, and that's how the economy works.

    So, why not feel 'VERY OPTIMISTIC'???

    Watch out for factors like education that are draining creativity. But remember, you don't need many inventors or entrepreneurs to make good on big ideas. You just need some way to take control of the market, usually by doing things like the following:

    1. Mass-producing a product that is popular and doesn't look expensive to use.
    2. Manufacturing products that fit in with a variety of earlier, better products.
    3. Mass-manufacturing or improving things like batteries, toys, industrial supplies.
    4. Creating a consumer niche in terms of what constitutes fashionable information (may have a side effect of changing other markets). In other words, changing the visual or design language.
    5. Expand the consumer hierarchy by selling to new middle people or new top people and creating products for them in their new role.
    6. Create a new paradigm that requires new tools.
    7. Serve under-serviced needs like sex and food.
    8. Create a charity umbrella and use it to steer the economy.

    Maybe that gives some important people some ideas that might lead to a perpetual economy. It might even involve perpetual motion, if I get my way!

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