Tuesday, November 17, 2015


"Comfort is baby evolution." ---Nathan Coppedge (unless you know of someone else).

"What reprises the role of most organisms is their seemingly convoluted symbiosis: the way their attributes appear maximally aligned with local inhabitants. (Humans might accept volcanoes in the way some aliens accept spiky plants)." ---Nathan Coppedge, Scientific Theories

"Beyond a certain point, perfection is what we think about. But beyond that point, functionality is what we think about. And, beyond that, complexity is what we think about. Beyond that, coherency is what we think about."

"Suicide is the ultimate karma failure, judging pejoratively."

"Intuitive knowledge can be had by trusting the insights that have worked in the past, that still relate with the new." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Nothing that is conceivably causally connected is entirely a coincidence."---Nathan Coppedge

"The old intuition is young or wise, but it does not involve youth or wisdom." ---Nathan Coppedge

"There are some things that have to be done professionally before they really start to work. Perpetual motion might be one of them. Other examples are portrait painting and the manufacture of the best sorts of toys."

"If it cheats, it works! If it works, it cheats! But, to cheat, it must be authentic!"

"For every paradox, there is a paroxysm. For every problem there is a solution." ---Nathan Coppedge, Intellectual Themes Bk. 2

"A problem, such as a math problem, is a potentially solvable problem...When a problem fills up a certain amount of space, then at least conceptually, the solution lies OUTSIDE THE SPACE. That is why problems are solvable." ---Nathan Coppedge, Causal Necessity of Problems (Intellectual Themes Bk. 2)

"The existential question of the self leads to the existential question of the other." ---Nathan Coppedge, Intellectual Themes Bk. 2

"Life's ambiguities and arbitrations amount to complexities and efficiencies and other similar concepts, which, if they are not resolved in any other fashion, at least benefit by the occasional epiphany. Indeed, epiphany appears to be the key to understanding distant relations between objects and other entities. If it is not a sheer mess and an epiphany, then the tangle of various aspects of thought and existence could then amount to some type of paradigm, a platform or function which would be at least in terms of its value, self-containing. Beyond that point, we reach for the basic under-pinnings of consciousness." ----Nathan Coppedge, A Mass of Related Things [quoted in full from Intellectual Themes Bk. 2]

"Regarding the scientific community: sometimes I relinquish my thoughts to the idea that it requires their insight, their judgment, and their opinion. This is not a good feeling. I would like to emphasize that." ---Nathan Coppedge, Nov 2015

"[T]here may be many people that realize they are their own fathers who do not time-travel at all." ---Nathan Coppedge, Nov 2015, via Quora.com.

"[Concerning Hilbert's Infinite Hotel]: Since some of these variables concern the dimensions themselves, arguably there is no way to concern the data exclusively with lower-dimensional entities." ---Nathan Coppedge, Nov 2015, via Quora.com.

"A semantic theory of health holds that the reason that companies don’t hold standards is because some people don’t hold standards. Thus, poor standards are responsible for poor health." ---Nathan Coppedge, Scientific Theories

"Photography comes from nature. But we don't really have nature. That's where photography comes from. A metaphysician on the other hand, invents nature. A metaphysician is on firmer ground." ---Nathan Coppedge

"The universe seems to tell me: we like progress, but we think it needs to be justified." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Maybe I shouldn't give myself unto the raal" --- Nathan Coppedge, Gestalt question

"Some may find everything is found to be disappointing except immortality to the immortal." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Change: that's a wise conundrum! Surely not all we change are clothes!" ---Nathan Coppedge

"Limited perception rewards a paradigm of success or reduced obligation. A dimensional paradigm." ---Nathan Coppedge

"What most people mean by stochastic is 'stockistic'. The true meaning of stochastic involves systematic variation from a single starting-point. It is not the same as saying 'empirical' or 'empirically relevant'." ---Nathan Coppedge

MORE QUOTES AT: poemhunter.com/quotations/famous.asp?people=Nathan Coppedge

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