Thursday, October 29, 2015

Modification of Kolmogorov’s Axioms of Probability for Coherency Theory

Original Axioms:
(1) Let P be a non-negative real number
(2) 100% probability equals 1 (note: untrue with exceptions: some truths have false conditions).
(3) That it is a finite set or function

Corollary of the original axioms: All finite probabilities can be standardized from 0 to 1.

Assumption / insight: This might be useful.

Nathan Coppedge's Modified Axioms:
(1) Begin with a category.
(2) Categories are in some way rendered equivalent subsets of the set.
(3) The set and subsets are exclusive.

Corollary of the modified axioms: Categories can express coherent sets with relative absoluteness.

Assumption / insight: Relative absoluteness, if possible, might permit objectivity and ultimately omniscience.

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