Saturday, October 3, 2015


" It makes your hair stand on end when you reflect on how much time and exertion has been wasted on the brilliancy of the Bible...And what...will have been gained from these ‘Facts’? Certainly nothing more than the knowledge that, like all books, the Bible was a book written by men...The more an elucidation shines upon the Bible the more it contains ordinary proofs..."

"Writing is an excellent means of awakening the system within, as well as those problems which wax eternal..."

"All men treat themselves this way in their own minds: with golden objectivity. {What about women}, you might ask at this point. Well, some things we must pass over in silence…"

" Do you think the world has ever been different than NOW? ... Yes or no, then very well, but what about LIFE, THE SUN, AND GOD? ... That question comes from an obscure place. And my answer is the question. The question is the answer THAT How do God and Sun exist in One? Or Love wear a Hat that works on my Materiel? Indeed, Obscure, Obscure!"

"Mathematics works independent of all other quantities... Yet it has quantity to thank, albeit. So, other quantities are aliens. Aliens to aliens... In truth, the mind dabbles freely. History is nothing except the development of the laws of the human mind."

"It is the most dependable of all the human sciences, but also certainly SIMPLE or EASY... Judging by this, metaphysics is the easiest of all sciences (BECAUSE TO IT it is the simplest)..."

"Who is a fiction? I mean to ask a metaphysical question!"

“ 'And, I perceived' its value only after I began to lose it (should I believe this? Religion is for the Gods)..." --- Nathan Coppedge, The Golden Notebook

"Translations of madness are mad... But I know that both eating and reading contribute something to the conversation in my head."

"[I]f only I had done something verily wicked this morning, at least I would know this nature I suffer with you... [all of this as a means of empathizing]"

"...Since we do not know where we think, we can remove our thoughts to wherever we wish. Just as we can speak so that he who hears us believes the voice is coming from a third person, so we can think, too, as though we were being spoken to. Genius Sokratis, etc... What an astonishing amount we may learn from our dreams."

"[E]ven those well-versed in him often found his epithets emotional and grasped them with difficulty..."

"It is like A TEMPLE OF DOOM in which WE ARE IMMORTALS. The impossible leap! The harrowing doves! The acorns made of missiles!"

"Regarding HEALTH... There are as many who are sick in imagination as are physically ill. And there are as many minds with healthy imaginations as there are people with healthy bodies---!"

"The true function of the writer is to admit of others’ psychological states. Medium-quality writers only say the things that are held in common amongst all the writers...."

"If walking on two legs is not natural to man, it is certainly an invention that does him credit."

"Enlightenment in all meaningful roles really consists in correctly grasping our essential function, which is MEANING."

"It was no friendly act on the part of Mr. Kant... With works of this nature, the zesto and gusto related to their epiphanization is sustained only by the idea of the worthy EPIPHANY."

"Pray for God. God’s dead!... Or death is infirm information."

"Feed me golden apple cores..."

"[M]aybe God could have a standard."

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