Saturday, October 3, 2015


I have come to a point where, for the guidance of longevity, I mean to assess those things in the world which are of greatest importance, which I yet understand.

Aqua pura (that's the first thing that comes to mind) is pure water, which I have only tasted three to perhaps eight times in my entire existence.

Aqua pura tastes mostly like water of a high standard. I say this because usually my encounter with water (or so-called water) is a disappointment. This 'regular water' / 'normal chlorinated water' or less obstinately 'common clipping water' or 'virtual water' is the type that contains 'clipping' or artificial texturing which makes it feel unnatural and unhealthy to consume. The masks or simple geometric vertices are clearly there for the purpose of generalizing the water to the point where it has no effect on the body when it is consumed. Even if this is not the case, the clipping raises suspicions that my own body is being used as some 'mask' for some cheap superstructure which does not serve any selfish chemical purpose, but is more likely used in wanton ways by chemical users of a higher order.

The higher order mentality does much to explain difficulties encountered by observed figures on almost every reasonable path towards any desirable object, the primary difficulty being that vast sectors of the higher order may not be populated, and that even major treks within the orders may be fabricated through artificial surrogate correspondences, leaving authentic individuals without a means of deciding fate, or worse, without a means of becoming authentic. The end result seems obvious, although impertinent in the extreme, which is that true authentic people do not belong to the origins of the higher order, but instead are byproducts of a kind of higher-order 'consumer consumption.'

You can compare the development from luxury bathing with the aqua pura metaphor.

I have observed the subtle trend that where once everyone had authentic skin, with many different characters, now skin has adjusted to experience luxury only in specific luxury treatments, such as luxury baths. Skin has consequently evolved to respond to the metaphysics of artificial luxury treatments (having 'secondary skins'), rather than the same treatment of the same skin.

Essentially, this reality (aqua pura, higher order mentality, luxury baths)  is expressed as a relation to an assortment of luxury products which cost money.

Inevitably, there must be some product which sells the essence or experience of Metaphysics.

But, if there is not, then perhaps the excess qualities would be sold to drug addicts or someone designing a computer game.

People are adapted to luxury bathing, basically.

And, their quality of skin is a response to products which express varying degrees of reality.

The so-called 'ultimate connexion' becomes identifying with someone who shares a similar product preference.

The natural instinct is to first have pride in one's own knowledge of experience, and secondly, to seek after confirmation of the higher reality of one's own ultimate ideas, enmattered in products.

Thus, this sort of metaphysics concerns information about the correlation between oneself and the universe, the clearest expression of which is the product bought by the person or group of persons.

The product becomes the 'second-self' of the unlived metaphysical life.

The higher self then comes only through the realization of the object's perfection.

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