Sunday, October 4, 2015

QUOTES Early October 2015

"Value is what lies beyond the wall of abstraction! What lies beyond value is entities. What lies beyond entities are methods. What lies beyond methods are systems. Logic is the common language of systems. When these systems are not high-minded, they lose their purpose. Just as value is a development of abstraction, so entities, methods, and systems are developments of those things."
---Nathan Coppedge

"Substantial feelings contribute to substantial reality." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Ultimate variation begins with the motive for change." ---Nathan Coppedge

"On the one hand, God is a human vanity. On the other hand, greater things than God may exist. This is the basis of what may be may be called 'Romantic' religion, but which I call 'Irrationalistic' without any intended criticism. Irrational religion is truly the ladder to the transcendental, if it is the only way to have religion, that is, divinity, without yet being divine. And besides, it is this sort of irrationality which characterizes the wisdom of any religion. It is also a humble religion, in that it has no pretensions, as Nietzsche would say..." ---Nathan Coppedge

"The universe can be counted in wormholes. Right now, as we understand it, a universe IS a wormhole. Although, science does not yet admit it, time is a property of nothing other than wormholes. The drive of the universe is to eke after hidden complexity." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Arguments for authenticity arise out of the psychological imperative, which is more simply an artificial desire for personality." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Someone with a brain in their leg might be smarter on average than someone who did not have a brain in their leg. And A.I. depends on this kind of argument for its intelligence. Otherwise, it becomes more-than-human." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Justice involves good treatment and avoiding poor taste. But, it can be a strategy to have poor taste... Only by ‘groking' this kind of fairness does justice emerge from the equilibrium of seemingly contrasting values…" ---Nathan Coppedge

"Justice involves good treatment and avoiding poor taste. But, it can be a strategy to have poor taste..." ---Nathan Coppedge

"I may regret to say this, but [good] mathematics is meta-metaphysics, ideally, and in the ideal sense of the world. Historically, it has often failed in this objectivity. It is learning the symptoms of bad math which feed logic, but only at the point when metaphysics has been pre-determined. Thus, in this sense, math appears to lean on the significance of the world for the totalism of its idea... Only by embracing higher significance do we find the truth found in this higher mathematics. Yet, metaphysical ingenuity requries a critique of mathematics... In this way, metaphysics hints at mathematics, while mathematics seems to express the limits of metaphysical difficulty..." --- Nathan Coppedge

"What is commonly meant by meaning defers to ultimate meaning, unless the ultimate meaning fails. Therefore, one should not defer to common meaning, unless the commonplace is itself ultimate. Therefore, there is a choice between two logics: failure and the ultimate. But what is meant by the ultimate is not just any ultimate. It begins with the good of the individual, and is elaborated through reference to systems, modes, and values." ---Nathan Coppedge

"But what is the solution to the paradox of disconnected matter? Connected anti-matter! So the universe appears to balance itself, according to this view..." ---Nathan Coppedge (

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