Saturday, March 21, 2015

New Book: Coherent Systems Theory


96 Results of a Logical Permutation, elaborated to explain the logic of all known philosophical and mathematical systems. The product has been to find a context for other systems of equal importance to the categorical deduction, which is the only previously known method for formulating objective knowledge statements. The goal is to give each type of system equal treatment. Although typology is a major consideration in these systems, most typologies native to science are discarded as mere lists, or as lacking logical content. Such lists are encompassed in the term ‘organization’ rather than ‘system’ --- and thus do not meet the criteria. One of the goals of this text is to put certain strong logical theories on equal-footing with the mathematical tradition. Included are theories of coherence and correspondence, relativity and absoluteness, recursions, equations and conjunctions, and paradoxical, exceptional, demonstrative, and positivistic reasoning. Also included is a section on pure theory, including meaningful, ethical, methodological, and logical systems.

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