Saturday, March 14, 2015


Take it or leave it.

"Computers: exist independently, but add complexity".

"It's not all or nothing: he's on ambergris or something!"

"Intelligence seems evil to some people!"

"Traveling time ravels the mind"

"Manipulative luck is powerful stuff..."

"Healing is a good feeling."

"One way to cheat: convince yourself that things are incomplete!"

"Hell is always a convenience, because everyone is some kind of genius!"

"Perpetual motion need not disobey the law if we don't know what it's properties are".

"After creation, nature has variation."

"Profiting from pain is all about permanent gain."

"When something's unfair, it's like things aren't declared."

"We just have to bust the illusion and invent some new mentality, however strange, to re-kindle a golden age."

"Even if we are human we must be a god or an animal. In the larger scheme of life, the difference is inevitable."

"The allocation of value does not have to be at issue."---Nathan Coppedge

“I think human folly is explained by various types of economic problems, and the optimism that would result from perpetual motion would cure some of humanity’s evils”

"When there's knowledge, don't play hell. Don't play the devil unless you have something optimal to do with intellectuals."

"Humans desire good outcomes, but they are either selfish or ignorant when it comes to solving problems."

"Once we get into the a-temporal, we may as well be immortal."

"Misery: usually just one kind, keep in mind!"

"Maybe they are unfamiliar with the idea that the world is material, and my soul is small."

"The gods may be angry, I can finally see."

"That's how much energy to keep a fork up. About as much energy as to keep pants up."


"They just judge people when they don't have glassy eyes, and they forget about them otherwise."

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