Saturday, October 12, 2019

Deontology of Ignorance

After some time, we are sure to have confusion.

Although, 'know' might be an irrational term.

I suppose then, we could 'know' irrationality.

Though it might not be clear what special knowledge is.

We think it is special.

Then we think it is knowledge.

That is one way to go about it.

Though special knowledge may not be everything special.

So, we seek knowledge.

And, if we find something, we call it knowledge.

At first, nothing seems special.

Then, distinctions. Which are crude numbers.

Then, actions, which are modalities.

Then, categories, which are words.

Then, systems, which are visual organizations of logics.

If we feel correctly of what it is, we call it understanding.

And, understanding of something which has a knowledgeable purpose we call knowledge.

Then ultimate knowledge is only understanding of something which has an ultimate purpose.

If there is no ultimate purpose, there is no ultimate knowledge.

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