Wednesday, February 24, 2016


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Analyzing specific details, it is possible to reach the idea that an entire context is compromised.

What if, for example, fourth-dimensional firefighters are the only intellectuals in that world?

Surprising though this assumption seems, it seems to follow from these further details:

*A wider variety of phenomena exist in the 4-d world.

*Many of these phenomena exist in isometric space (condensed information).

*The properties that are harmful for these objects and persons would be more various.

*The 'firefighters' would have to know about isometric space.

*The firefighters would be the only ones who would need to be experts in isometric space.

*The firefighters would also serve the role of therapists and whores, because of their expertise, and the wide array of phenomena they deal with.

Additionally, what might be said about the connection between the 3-d and 4-d is that the difference, the key difference in dimensions is not just time, but the presence or absence of isometric space.

This follows from the idea that more phenomena exist in the 4th dimension, which requires an isometric lattice to support condensed information.

Thus, in an advanced interpretation, the biggest critique of 3-d physics is that Einstein's relativity is in fact an idea of 4-d isometric space in which within the 3-d various forms of information are failing.

For example, string theory may be attempting to 'put out' the sun.

Black holes may represent Aristotle's anger, amounting to a lack of categorical representation in physics, i.e. the idea that nothing can be contained by matter, because matter does not contain categories.

Gravity waves, which were recently discovered, may be an attempt to develop a lattice between failed information (black holes) and relevant information (the life of the observer and the institution of physics, and by extension isometry).

It significantly happens that the new discipline of Omni-Science called categorical deduction is largely isometric.

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