Thursday, February 18, 2016

Quotes Late February 2016

"The real 4th dimension is the 4th dimension in four degrees." ---Nathan Coppedge, Feb 2016

"Manifestation is what measures the fourth dimension." ---Nathan Coppedge, Feb 2016

"When we get what we want, that is free will. When we do everything, that is determinism." ---Nathan Coppedge, Feb 2016

"The biggest ideas survive because they were well-adapted to the environment in which they were found, and the best relationships work because they are overpowered." ---Nathan Coppedge, Feb 2016

"The basic conflicts in society are at war with the basic capacity for realization. Arguably, evolution takes place when conflict and realization are reconciled." ---Nathan Coppedge, Feb 2016

"First the point is nothing, then the point is something… Each person is god of themselves…"
---Nathan Coppedge, Feb 2016

"Socratic insight: Every assumption is wrong in some way. We act creatively to interpret any one thing, then we are somewhere else!" ---Nathan Coppedge, Feb 2016

"Panic without ownership is sanity. Weakness is the enemy of obsession."  ---original sanity concept by Jennifer F. additional material by Nathan Coppedge, Feb 2016

"A robot says: information is one of the forms of epiphany. Pain is information failure." ---Nathan Coppedge, Feb 2016.

"[Observing a devil-worshiper's sign at the bus-stop:] The thing about devil worship is its only technical from the inside. With enough experience, you know its unattractive. Other than that, it has no definite properties. This is what I observe from a purely objective standpoint." ---Nathan Coppedge, Feb 2016

"The only objectivity in art is symbolism" ---Nathan Coppedge, Feb 2016

"It is the universal nature to create nature (design interface); after creation, nature has variation (dimensional nature)." ---Nathan Coppedge, Feb 2016

"If there IS a standard, why does it have to be a standard of Science? Because science is objective? Then what if something else is objective? Because science is intelligent? Then what if something else is intelligent? Because science organizes information? What if something else organizes information? Because science serves human interest? What if something else serves human interests?" ---Nathan Coppedge


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