Wednesday, February 3, 2016


"An experience of the soul is like an expression of the soul". ---Nathan Coppedge.

"Here is the new paradigm: beauty is nature, cities are culture". ---Nathan Coppedge, Febr 2016.

"The more you understand Terrapin's dictionary, they more you understand language. And the more you understand language, the more you understand everything!" ---Nathan Coppedge, Febr 2016.

"So much is just enjoyment and the ability to enjoy oneself". ---Nathan Coppedge, Febr 2016.

"The limit of power is the limit of definition." ---Nathan Coppedge, Jan - Febr 2016.

"However, it is my stipulation that IF the device did not have to be reset, with every element of the apparatus maintaining the same average altitude, then if it is a perpetual motion machine, it is a perpetual motion machine!" ---Nathan Coppedge, Feb 2016

"I need to stop thinking that random, miscellanous things are helpful. Artful things are not always healthy. Who really ever gained immortality from a garnish?" ---Nathan Coppedge, Feb 2016

"America needs to preserve the moral pedants. Preserving the moral pedants preserves morality.
In the future, there will be systems and a religion, but no morality. The pedants will succeed to build a system and a religion, but no laws. Eventually, the law as we know it will be gone. There will be no law, only order."

"The absurd greatness of existence is one matter, and arriving at a rational explanation is another."

"This may be a minor proof, but it is certain that altitude can be gained, because the marble gains altitude, and when it loses altitude, the lever is able to lift itself again once the marble is off of it. In simple terms: free energy." ---Nathan Coppedge, Feb 2016

"[T]here is a difference between good theories being wrong, and people and bad theories being wrong." ---Nathan Coppedge, Feb 2016

"I'm of the historical persuasion that Newton is the ultimate authority on Newtonian physics, even if he died. So, if Newton did not outright deny perpetual motion machines with total explicitness, then in my view Newtonian Mechanics might have loopholes." ---Nathan Coppedge, Feb 2016

"There is no such thing as total lack of purpose. There is no point in perceiving something that is not justified either by a power, or by a person: by a dimension, or by our experience of those dimensions. Therefore, when we don't observe something, it means we haven't observed everything. What we haven't observed must be either lower or higher dimensions, or else the physical or spiritual potential of our own world in front of our eyes. The same may be true with reincarnations in the future and the past. If one life is not satisfying, it will find purpose somewhere else." ---Nathan Coppedge, Feb 2016

"If there's something to learn from history, it's that many of our suspicions are confirmed, usually after a long delay." ---Nathan Coppedge, Feb 2016


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