Saturday, November 14, 2015

Links (My Most Interesting Recent Posts)

The Tweet that Made Perpetual Motion History?...

Proof (?) We're All Turning into Gods the Next Time we Die, and forgetting everything...  The Holy Deduction:

Shortcut to Infinite Knowledge:

My Memory of a Possible Nobel Prize Investigation:

Modification of Kolmogorov's Axioms of Probability:

Dimensional Equation Tested:

Future Predictions on the Premise of Technocracy:

The Two Personalities of Symbolism (Binary Personality Assessments) :

Recent perpetual motion attempt (promising but inadequately built):

Quotes from the Golden Notebook:

Contemporary Metaphysics (luxury shampoo, etc.) :

The Metaphysical Art (Asceticurean Writing from August):

How to Make the World Immortal:

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