Friday, October 9, 2015

The Worst Story I Ever Heard

I was in high school. I didn't have many friends. But I had a beautiful face, sort of like a beautiful woman. I was not rich. As I was forced to tell someone, the C word did not apply.

Gradually, I got an in-the-face story of how I compared to sexual superiority.

He asked me, "You say you like women, so who do they go for first?"

I said, "Probably someone with a convertible, then someone really well built, then they might go for me".

He said: "You're wrong. You're farther down the line. First they go for the rich circumcised guys, then they go for anyone well-built and circumcised, then they go for the guy with the convertible no matter how much money he has, then they go for the uncircumcised guys. And you're not first on that list, see what I mean? You'll probably have to get someone really fat, or maybe retarded if you're lucky."

In 2010 I had a kind of half-date with a young woman who was a Pisces and fairly pretty. But other than feeling her in the park, it didn't go anywhere. I learned she was probably running away from her parents, and had a smoking habit. It wouldn't have worked out, but at least she wasn't ugly.

My assessment is that just having standards counts for a lot. This 'friend' who gave me his horrible story seemed to assume that I was without any standard of human perfection.

It was like saying a lip kiss was a Big Bang. I could hardly agree.

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