Friday, October 16, 2015

The Prophecy of Perpetual Motion Economics, Also Called Volitional Economics or Free Economics

"Now the fools look wise, and the wise look like fools"

---So It Is Written, This day 10/15/15 ~10:59pm

"I have parched thirst, but I am full of liquid"

Welcome, paradoxical economics!

"Sometimes an important system deserves an important answer, if it IS a system, if it HAS an answer."

"The stock market has free will! Does that mean that I'm 'God'? Probably not."

Additional obscure rules:

Ivy realities have 'object-devils'.

If they acquire the devil they lose the object.

If they acquire the object, they lose the devil.

"Exponents make room for sophomores."

"Understatement makes room for theorists."

"Women are held back by big breasts."

"Men with big breasts are capable of excessive meaning."

"God: the seam in the web of life."

Intellectual Sacrifice?

The rule is: It is good for economics if they are less learned than me. It is bad for economics if they are more learned than me.

Libra Principle: "Profit by prophecy."

It's always safe to say that "I'm predicting war is a threat", unless war doesn't exist. But it's different to start prophesying war.

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