Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Justice or Wizard Diet

This is the toughest diet I've ever thought of,

But it is worth reporting since I already mentioned the Magical Diet or Buddha diet earlier.

In the Justice Diet you need a lot of knowledge, so you know what to eat.

Everything (often very few things) is / are selected at a given time.

The point is, what is selected is just the right thing for your health in-the-moment.

This is good for people that have already done significant dieting, but want to go further.

You may take as a model, eating half of a pear, because you think there's something wrong with pears.

However slight, there might be something wrong with it!

For example, there are people practicing yoga or kosher who will avoid food that is even slightly rotten
or mushy. This is a reason to avoid all but the most fresh and high-quality foods.

Another thing is that a diet high in sugar can be replaced with a diet that supplements sugary
beverages with a solid food product that is more interesting, but contains no sugar, or replaced with
a diet high in carbohydrates without sugar.

So, if you are eating a lot of sugary beverages (as many dieters do), or trying to find a way to remain
off of meat products, this may be a good diet to follow.

Simply consider choices like almonds and water instead of chocolate milk, and half a pear instead
of an expensive meal.

This is the kind of thinking that can get you pointed in a good direction!

And, supplement with Turmeric! Drink the freshest water whenever possible! Aqua pura! Not Purafina!

Call it a New Haven diet if you like, but I think it's more extreme...

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