Tuesday, October 27, 2015


The Sphinx / The Hanged Man / Two-headed Samaritan / Eulenspiegel  / The Archangel

* ‘Go one way and I win, go the other way and you lose…’
* Generally, problems that can be ignored if you’re wise.
* Ideas that only seem valuable much later.
* Lingering puzzles, entrapment.

Sophie / The Hierophant / The Sophists / The King of the Dopplegangers

* ‘If you have the key, I can show you the way out’
* Always demanding something, and then giving a conditionality.
* Seem to be figures of hell.
* Always seem to be accompanied by unnecessary luxuries.

Eucaleh Terrapin / The Inventor of Perpetual Motion / Idiot Savant / Waters of Reflection

* ‘It is a simulacra of all eternities…’
* Other archetypes.
* Blindness to the hero’s limitations.
* Impresses the hero at great distance.
* Time goes on.

Eilesenteimelstem / Confucius / Yoda / Ananzi the Spider

* ‘Power is weakness! Be quick! Time is inscrutable!’
* Giving ultimate lessons that seem to fail in the moment.
* All-knowing, and accepting of any condition.
* The hero grows wise by forgetting his limitations.

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