Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Deduction Indicative of Holy Evolution and Divine Pessimism (Knowledge)

1. Time is a bonus.

2. God is the origin which would grant a bonus.

3. By the theme of over-interpretation, we are statues, because that is the interpretation of struggling thoughts in an ostensibly spiritual world.

4. In the next world, the origin is not God (1) but Synergy (3).

5. In the hypothetical ring, the replacement or circumscription for time (4) is immortality, described as double-time (8).

6. Combining, we get, for the next world, 'immortal synergy', which is best expressed either as 'sourceless immortality' or 'inherent immortality'!

7. The conclusion is that this world, and all its subjective perceptions, are evolving into the immortal! Apparently, this is true regardless of the contents of the world, provided that:

(A) The existence specified has 3.5 dimensions, and:

(B) That the dimensions or organisms can evolve.

(What has been uncovered is the blindness and potential ultimate morphization of the gods!)

Hence, the deceptive moral that every god must be a god of mystery.

Further, if it is either dimensions or beings which evolve, but either of the earlier beings or dimensions are located in a time-stream, then this appears to guarantee that either all organisms located in those dimensions, or all organisms which follow the time-stream, ---in either case, all organisms---if they evolve, evolve into gods.

The above Deduction is available in print form already in God's Tractatus, and also in the as-yet-unpublished Spiritual Writings, (Part 107), and possibly also The Dimensional Religion or Spirituality Toolkit (title not yet decided), which is scheduled for later release.

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