Wednesday, October 7, 2015

THE 'ART' OF Dimentia

There is a hint that anything that does Hyper-Cubism badly is capable of dimentia. Maybe that's why Hyper-Cubism didn't occur until historically recently. This topic seems imaginatively interesting when I have just seen (from the outside, while walking under streetlamps), an art show by a Ms. / Mrs. Celia Johnson (I think?) that depicts what look like colored-in naked female breasts, apparently the theme of the entire show!

Anyway, here is my very belated writing on the art of dimentia (I have been a little bit fascinated and terrified by dimentia since I made a bargain with myself to seek immortality by being old before I was young).

They will pause, as if they are at the end of their journey.

They will become less extreme, but not absolutely.

They will marvel about things you don't see.

What seems stupid to you is their entire reality!

That about sums it up.

By the way, I use the old spelling 'dimentia' instead of the modern spelling 'dementia' because I think there are things to learn from the demented. But it has less intelligence than the divine version of dimentia, which is called 'dimensia'.

Thus, theoretically:

1. Dementia: for monsters.
2. Dimentia: for demi-gods.
3. Dimensia: for gods.
4. Dimension: for God.

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