Saturday, October 24, 2015

Precie to Intellectual Capitalism

A number of concepts may be seen as related to the field of intellectualism and capitalism taken together.

These concepts often involve a combination of an intellectual component and an economics component.

The field can also be called 'Philosophical Equity'.

One key concept is the concept of 'Knowledge Futures', which is simply the capacity to generate future possibilities using knowledge.

Key examples of knowledge futures include information technology and the sale of intellectual products.

Another example is 'Information Capitalization', which may be seen as the improvement of knowledge futures, or the improvement of information through the adding of exponents.

So, the following should be taken account, at minimum, for a Macro concept of intellectual capitalism:

1. Intellectual economics.
2. Future possibilities.
3. Intellectual products.
4. Adding exponents for improving information.

Generally, there is a strong role for the following, in the purely abstract level:

1. New categories using combinations of old categories.
2. Generalized / group functions and systems.
3. Efficiency and aesthetics.
4. Specialized applications for specialized functions.

Add to this 5. Marketing efficiency: cheap products with exceptional value, aimed at economic improvements for general welfare.

That's about all for now! Real intellect, real potential. Artistic possibilities. Metaphysical combinations.

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