Friday, October 30, 2015

Perpetual Motion or "Post-Perpetual Motion" Educational Model by Nathan Coppedge

After achieving perpetual motion, the following types of classes might be requisite for any high school learning environment, to stimulate innovation in the field of perpetual motion, and to adjust to the new mentality of playful, gamified, optimistic, education.

"Immersion" Classes: reading, art, image exposure, emotional and intellectual interpretation.

"Efficiency" Classes: shortcuts, brainstorming, condensed ideas, networking, association.

"Model" Classes: typology, systems, attributes, symbols.

"Art" Classes: projects (writing, art), invention, carry-over from other classes, pursuit of passions.

Notice the hidden argument! God or the powers-that-be have been ignoring all four types of classes. So, perpetual motion must be a real possibility!

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