Friday, October 30, 2015

Perpetual Motion Investment Advice Part 8

17,715.84 Down 39.96(0.23%)

Stocks are down very slightly: just 0.23%.

The 17,700s suggest a role to me of better investment in the little guy to get things done.

There is also a role for human intellectual capital with added exponents from computers.

That's about all the advice I have for now.

Oh, also, 71584 spells 'GIEHD' which suggests the A.I.s are feeling pessimistic about American military industries. However, there has been a lot of recent military tech. So, again, they must be balancing that idea of poor military technologies against some more significant fact, perhaps the existence of perpetual motion, or the related irrationality of certain human A.I. manipulators, like Bill Gates, or somebody else who won't believe in perpetual motion / over-unity / free energy.

One thing to invest in even if you don't believe in perpetual motion is the Downdraft Energy Tower, (I would call it the condensation tower, or pressure condensation tower) which uses sprinklers to create relatively powerful turbine energy. It could be built in skyscrapers even in non-arid environments, because it is really (small detail) about air-pressure, not moisture! I almost feel like I invented this thing myself! That's how efficient it is! Contact Israeli energy industries if you want to build one of these excellent, (now) well-engineered constructions. They're probably cheap on a government or U.S. state budget (c'mon: watersprinklers, 400-ft. tall tower? This is child's play! Why do you even need encouragement! They say it also runs salinization, which is useful these days, say in the California Drought. How to make money 101!)

As usual, if you really need money, invest in mutual funds and make sure to tell the stock manager that you want the 'conservative route'. It's a little evil, but it is risk-free, and may result in up to perhaps 60% return in 6 years or less.

Remember, there aren't any perpetual motion, over-unity, or free energy stocks yet that I know of (there is one company called Perpetual Motion, but it is rather conservative). So, try mutual funds if you need money. Or wait for markets to blow up, and then bet on things related to the inventor of perpetual motion, like energy corporations that build perpetual motion machines, toy companies that sell over-unity toys, or big brand-name companies that sell other types of merchandise related to perpetual motion and science or anti-science, etc.

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