Thursday, October 22, 2015

Perpetual Motion Investment Advice Part. 6

17,489.16 Up 320.55(1.87%)

The DOW is up again!

Now I get to my thesis: why didn't the market crash? Because of perpetual motion!

The mysterious part is, why didn't it rise further?

And, the answer, in terms of perpetual motion, is simply that:

A large number of perpetaul motion machines have not been built yet.

If they were, we would be beyond free markets. We would instead have free economics!

But of course, those with a lot of money should still be cautious about charlatans. 

Be cautious in general, but the market is capable of improving.

Keep the principle that the big-shots can always do great things with a lot of money. For example, money improves infrastructure.

And if there is perpetual motion, then there is infrastructure that does work! That's even better!

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