Friday, October 9, 2015

Legal Cases I Would Defend in Principle

Cheapening chauffeurs (I don't use a chauffeur technically, but nonetheless).

The right of people to do stupid things that don't hurt others, or to argue spiritual defense of small crimes (an extension of insanity defense).

The right of people to be forewarned and compensated for self-injury.

The right of people to speak one language (perfect in principle), and to be rewarded in merits befitting their level of achievement.

The right of people to have a free personal government website for promoting their identity, knowledge, and products.

The right of people to have an optional flat federal tax instead of an income tax, and to have associated services which are of benefit to the citizen and the community, funded in part by bulk purchases and other economized spending, such as umbrella'd information resources.

The right of people to be assessed periodically as to their capability in generating intellectual capital, and receiving just compensation.

The right of the consumer to conveniently access healthy, bulk-purchased products through optional group membership, with multiple group options related to interests and preferences, at no obligation.

The right of each citizen to promote rhetorical defenses of his or her view of government, according to intellectual ability (I would put 'her' first, except being introverted, I feel I should put myself first, working from within to without).

The right of each citizen to have access to market enhancements for greater function of the whole economy, and exponential gain on any market function, provided consistent commitment from the citizen.

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