Friday, October 30, 2015


Nathan Coppedge, author of Picture Feature: How To Avoid Real Scams and Become Master of Your Business, offers basic tips on how any company or individual acquires capital:

1. Sell cheap things for slightly less cheap. Make a small profit. 2. Lend money and exercise authority to get it back with interest. 3. Make a flashier product and create a market with advertising. 4. Meet a need and a standard and remain ahead of the curve. 5. Create a bad product and sell for cheaper than cheap. 6. Create an addictive product, and hike prices when it is taxed. 7. Take labor overseas, and reduce overhead. 8. Reduce labor, and reduce the number of employees. 9. Sell electronic services, and reduce management. 10. Sell services for merchants. like shovels or book printing. 11. Predict the market, and make all your money investing. 12. Invest conservatively, with an initial lump sum. 13. Offer services that no one else can offer. 14. Work with lucky people. 15. Make a good deal. 16. Use cheap, efficient services. 17. Raise average product value. 18. Corner the market by finding a permanent advantage. 19. Sell your company at a profit. 20. Out-think / out-market your competitors. 21. Put labor into long-term advantages. 22. Do something new and interesting with your ideas. 23. Follow trends before planning a product line. 24. Think professionally when designing your products. 25. Have a popular attitude with your product. 26. Predict the unpredictable: think outside the box! 27. Design with industry in mind... 28. Create a consumer-product relationship paradigm ('modules'). 29. Make a product that does some work ('calculus' 'paint' etc.). 30. Make something that is easy to use. 31. Bet on the good guys (high-quality producers). 32. Work with an identity concept in mind (architects, for example). 33. Perfect the product. 34. Skrew the big predictions: do what you do best!

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