Monday, October 26, 2015


'Fringe, not dead' --- A good friend.


1. Techniques can be conceptualized and abstracted. That is the beginning.
2. Standards of format can create a hotbed of exponential growth (creativity).
3. Literary experiments fuel intellectual innovation, raising standards.
4. Key examples emerge and are indexed (literature, lists, conventional visual works, mathematics).


1. Symbols can be perfected: archetypes, built environments, default scenarios.
2. Logic can be developed: the art of exponential interpretation.
3. Art can be attempted related to logic: enhanced environment, enhanced basics, raising the bar.
4. B1 - 3 foundational for associative networks and coherent systems.


1. Exceptional theories can be developed following simple rules like association and combination.
2. Tools can be compiled based on permutation.
3. When the idiosyncratic part is finished, it should be made public, and added to the overall system.
4. Standards can be developed compatible with idiosyncrasy.


1. Extremes will be tested, and new systems will emerge ('avant garde').
2. Underlying trends will evolve to meet intellectual criteria.
3. New intellectual modes will be accommodated, creating new standards for paradigms.
4. The effect will be exponential on its own terms.


1. Need for intellectual capitalization (unconventional, exponential = appealing, economical).
2. Need for accommodation.
3. Need for interface geared towards 'exponential incitement'.
4. Need for infrastructure integration for rewards system (low-obligation, high commitment franchising).

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