Wednesday, August 5, 2015


A devil is never THE devil! It just doesn't work out that way! Devils are exceptional people that have taken on the name because they can fulfill the role! End of story!

Magic exists, it's just that when you prove it, it disappears! Real magic is a lot like science! It's very easy, very intelligent science!

Investment: you can try mutual funds, but it's pure evil!

Investment: If you have a lot of time, bond papers will pay off eventually! The bank can't deny that you invested in them! But if you have a cap on your income, it may be illegal!

Here is something for immortality: the yellow root, or Turmeric! It aids digestion, as the Asian herbalists always say!

How to solve every paradox: reverse every essential term in the best definition of each problem, in the same order! It's called a paroxysm!

This is cold fusion: fusion without radioactivity!

The latest on the answer to life: See earlier blog article HERE.

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