Wednesday, July 29, 2015


It occurs to me that I may have thought of this before...

[1] Say to yourself, or a good friend: "I don't mean for anything scary to happen".

[2] When something scary happens on a separate occasion, make sure it is something meaningful to you. It could be, for example, an extreme form of artistic inspiration, a love affair, or a gift of money...

[3] Remember what you first thought about all the meaningful things, not just the scary ones...

[4] And, above all, remember who you were before anything scary happened...

[5] Consider all these things together, and it may click: life is meaningful, and not everything is totally scary.

[6] You will find it is easier to speak to people.

[7] You will find you have some spiritual insights.

[8] It will be easier to earn money.

[9] The world's problems will seem distant.

[10] Some of life's parables will make sense.

[11] You will grow more health-conscious.

[12] You will have free time.

[13] It will be possible to pursue life's significance.

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