Sunday, August 9, 2015

Recent Quotes by Nathan Coppedge (Early August 2015)

"Mathematical incoherency might be solvable by referring to something non-mathematical." ---Nathan Coppedge, The Solutions, August 2015.

"Because there is no innate unique thing separating the arbitrariness of one body from the arbitrariness of another body, so too, there is no innate unique sense of experience. Hence, there is no innate sense of Solipsism. You may not experience someone else's body---but in a way you already are!" ---Nathan Coppedge, The Solutions, August 2015.

"Preferences are the maximal requirement for the will." ---Nathan Coppedge, The Solutions, August 2015.

"[T]here is potentially no relation between free will and determinism. Free will represents the authentic sense of changeable objects, whereas determinism is a sense of changeless objects, of varying ambiguity." ---Nathan Coppedge, The Solutions, August 2015.

"You could say economics is the evolution of evolution. And meaning is the evolution of economics. But whether we reach each of these stages depends on the exact circumstances that pre-figure their possibility. In this way, meaning is still evolution, and economics is still survival." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Criticism ends with an artistic choice... It is tempting to say that it is only this sense in which art is mad... Even when people consider other distinctions, there is nothing about the process that is not either exceptional or desperate... And evolution itself evinces desperation..." ---Nathan Coppedge

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