Monday, August 24, 2015

Clarifying the Role of Virtual Reality in Urban and Sidurban (Outer Space) Futures

Let me clarify the importance of virtual reality in the quasi-immediate future:

*First of all, virtual reality will help astronauts and space passengers in particular cope with take-offs and landings.

*Second of all, integrated preferences (IP2s) will permit an unprecedented intellectual role for citizens in the urban environment. The process begins with gamification, and reaches towards what may be called a serious paradise attitude (SPA), or SPA-system.

*Integrated preferences (IP2s) will be important for the sleazy meritocracies of the future, defining what it means to think, feel, act, and be.

*Virtual reality will also serve as a honable idea library and conjunctionsport (HILAC), which will become more important as ideas become ever more condensed, and as there will be greater need to synthesize connections between experiences, due to the important phenomena of information trashing.

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