Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Over-Unity Debate With My Step-Father

I had an interesting debate with my step-father concerning the over-unity model I built in November of last year, and which has been, within some qualifications, operable as a demonstration of something-or- other since then. Does it absolutely demonstrate over-unity or free energy? This was the subject of the debate.

N: First of all, I want to know, what are your expectations for this device or apparatus?

P: Well, I think it works at least to demonstrate, that is, the lever operates. I think the marble has the power to operate the lever. Well...

N: But so far as demonstrating over-unity, you think that it doesn't meet criteria?

P: Well, no. And I can show you. I can demonstrate what I mean by it's not working, using sound physics principles.

[Sometime later]

N: Did you notice the marble at the high point could immediately activate the lever, at the beginning point, if it has enough altitude?

P: No, I didn't notice that aspect of the cycle. I didn't realize [that].

N: Well, if it activates the beginning of the cycle, then that's nearly or almost certainly evidence of perpetual motion.

P: Well, I'm pretty certain, I think I know, that it DOES NOT have enough altitude.

N: I can, I would like to, show you my video which certainly or nearly demonstrates how the cycle can continue...

P: No, no, I don't need to see that. I already saw it.

N: It's a different video from the one I showed you before.

P: No, no, I don't need to see that. Its...

N: How am I going to show you what I mean if you don't accept the evidence?

P: I know. I know, based on FAITH, from sound physical principles, from the laws of physics, that it DOESN'T WORK. I don't need evidence. I can accept it ON FAITH.

N: It seems to me that you aren't accepting the proof that I am offering to the contrary.

P: Perpetual motion, over-unity, flies in the face of the entire history of engineering. You'd have to reject everything that everyone else has said.... Well, maybe not everything, because they didn't all conduct the same experiments....but darned near everything that physics has taught for hundreds of years...

N: Well, it seems to me you retracted your entire argument. What you were arguing before... you took that back... You no longer have the argument you had before. To me, that means I'm winning...

P: Well, phoo. We know there's entropy. We know there's laws of friction. Friction alone is enough to tell us that it doesn't work...

N: I can hardly agree with you at all on that point. For example, we know that it moves...

H: Well, boys, you'll have to continue your argument later. It's time to pick Jessica up from track...

Here is the video of the over-unity demonstration:, or search youtube for "successful over-unity".

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Friday, April 25, 2014

Modal Dimensionism


A whirlwind tour through some of the advanced concepts of the categorical philosophy, this text introduces the concept of ‘lotus diagrams’ and gives six examples of the intensive use of quadratic diagrams to frame coherent concepts of objects, buildings, and life forms recursively. This is one of Nathan’s earlier works on dimensionism, and covers material not included in either The Dimensional Philosopher’s Toolkit or the Ninesquare Notebook. The emphasis is on modules as a basis for categoric thought, and it uses a unique pictographic method to demonstrate an organized process.

It is available on Amazon HERE.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Nathan Coppedge's Hyper-Cubism: Post-Cubist Drawings and Paintings


Nathan Coppedge developed an oeuvre of astonishing variety, encompassing fourteen or more sub-styles, often inspired by M.C. Escher and the Abstract Expressionists. Working with a roller-ball pen and calligraphy ink, as well as acrylic and watercolor, he produced over a thousand works during a twelve-year period. Here, for the first time, his works are available in a large 8.5 X 11 volume, with glossy full color illustrations: fully 400 pages. It includes both paintings and drawings. Nathan's drawings have also been described as paintings. Viewers have said that Nathan’s work “locks together like a trap.” Yale Art Gallery has suggested that he get his artwork appraised. Here is an opportunity to see the work of a pre-eminent Hyper-Cubist, before it even appears in the major galleries.

Currently listed 9th for "Cubism" search on Amazon!

A link to the purchase page may be found HERE (there is also a Kindle edition).

Monday, April 21, 2014

A Recent Bestseller Rank, or Pretty Close

Kindle Edition of one of my books is currently ranked #85 on Amazon: Books > Engineering & Transportation > Engineering > Reference > Patents & Inventions >

The book has been published for about four months.

The Perpetual Motion Machine Designs and Theory may be found HERE.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Little-Known Principles of Perpetual Motion

With actual publicity, there is a chance it has already been invented.

It is as likely that the laws of physics are changed, as that they are not.

Magical power may long ago have been incorporated into physics, if it ever existed in the first place. Physics might be more than magical, unless it is an illusion. For magic is said to be not very real.

Slavery might be one of the worst enemies of innovation, for it takes away from leisurely tinkering. And he who does not know defeat is not likely to be productive either. Therefore, perpetual motion is subject to a vast exception.

To achieve perpetual motion, what is necessary is ramps that sustain altitude. It has not been disproven, except in the case of a weighted wheel. In fact, it is obvious that ramps in themselves sustain altitude! This is an interesting principle, for evidently the ramps are unbalanced, on average, for the weight can roll to and from a location, with the same average altitude. The majority of locations in the rolling motion do not require energy to move!

I Received a New Award

I will be inducted into the International Philosophical Honor Society on May 2nd.

One of my professors e-mailed me, saying it's a merit-based award.

So, things are looking up.

I was previously admitted to Golden Key, something some of my friends don't consider to be very meriticious. The combination is kind of chef d' oeuvre.

I'm hoping the awards don't mess with my natural creativity cycles...

More book sales, finally.

People shouldn't be superstitious about April. It will be a holy month if perpetual motion is invented.

A copy of the PMM D&T, and a copy of the Tractatus of Dualities were sold.

I worry that the people waiting for the entire encyclopedia to be published may be in trouble because of a marketing snafu. The first two volumes are currently available, although the second volume, on psychology, won't feature reviews on the back cover for another 8 weeks or so.

Friday, April 18, 2014

A recent photograph

Nathan Coppedge: philosopher, artist, inventor, poet (in some capacity). April 9th, 2014.


ranking above 600,000th author on Amazon. Above 100,000 would be much better. I've been there, but not for long. It does help to have a lot of titles. Hopefully I'm not getting too caught up on this.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Best Psychology Quotes by Nathan Coppedge

"If there is an ultimate secret, it may be called 'difficult' " ---The Perpetual Motion Genius' Guide for Intelligent Children

"The correct  approach is to find a variable which does not represent a set of assumptions at all, not a blind variable, or a test variable or an organic variable in the sense of clinical cases, but instead a variable that is dynamic enough to itself define some of the context of the analysis...First, the variable will be independent of a subject’s emotions. Second, it will be defined relatively to exist in any context that could be described---it is universal. Thirdly, there is some criterion for determining that it exists. It must exist as a hypothesis. Fourthly, and most importantly, the criteria that determine that it does not exist must instead determine that it is modified". ---Psychology of Negative Variablism

"Creative tests have the advantage that those that do not value the results may find the test to be a negligible contributor to their intellect, whereas those who value creativity may consider the tests to be encouraging and influential... This aspect might amount to a kind of double-blind quality evaluation". ---Debatable Vs. Debatability: Towards a Product-Based I.Q. Test

"Clearly psychology at this point exists in three senses, none of which relate to Freud or behaviorism: [1] Mental information, [2] Effective technologies, and [3] Thought-implementation. In these senses there is a new willingness, as a function of the dependence on computer interfaces, to express functionality explicitly by terms of words like ‘enhancement’, ‘technicalism’, and ‘artificial’. What’s more, these words no longer connote some aspect that is amalgamated ad hoc, as an exterior meaning to personality, doctoral authority, or functional identity. Indeed, more often than not it is seen as a skill or talent any time some aspect of identity DOES NOT depend on the technological". ---New Dimensions of Psychology and the Media

Best Philosophy Quotes by Nathan Coppedge

"Functional systems are formats of zero" ---The Epiphanic Wisdom (not yet published)

"Categories are the standard of standardization" ---The Epiphanic Wisdom (not yet published)

"The definition of an opposite is really a contingent set" ---The Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit

"The amelioration of jagged potencies is really the second a system of typology it may be called by its more obvious name: The Second Zero, the source of significance" ---The Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit

"The ideal aperture is with miscellany"---The Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit

"Metemphysics [non sic] involves the materialism of ideas"---Metemphysics and the Philosophy of Concepts

"Coppedge's Law of Iteration: The quality of data increases in proportion to exclusivity" ---The Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit

Titles available at
Articles at:

Monday, April 14, 2014

Evidence of Perpetual Motion

finally seeming to prove that perpetual motion is possible.

The video is also visible on YouTube at:

Successful Perpetual Motion Experiment 1

Degrees of Perpetual Motion

According to my research, perpetual motion has two absolute degrees.

1. Over-Unity, and

2. Perpetual Motion.

However, there are intermediate degrees that consist of construction.

While the first degree is very difficult (see notes below), at the second degree it is tempting to abandon construction and rest on one's laurels, with half-finished machines everywhere.

(I am the only one I can think of besides Reidar Finsrud who may have reached the first degree, unless the Newman or Johnson motors work. I have inside evidence that a certain pendulum someone else built which was said to be perpetual was actually plugged into the wall, but this may have been constructed as a defense of the physical preservation of that machine).

Sunday, April 13, 2014

News from the god (if I were an Egyptian god, part II or III)

Maybe you would be astonishment if you understood (the name Aston-i-Shed).

There are tablets that look good and tablets that say things. And sometimes they are mixed into archetypes.

(If you're feeling sober you can also check out my "proof" that I'm a divinity, at the bottom of the Nathan Coppedge Trivia Page)

Friday, April 11, 2014

My new book

is currently 15th in search for 'intelligent children' on Amazon books...

Also 437th for 'gifted children'.

At least I think so. Hard to tell with today's modern searches.

Update: 104th for 'genius' on Amazon. No sales though.

Intermediate Insights: Thoughts Between Epiphany and the Commonsense


This is a collection of thoughts noted for being quotidian. The prodigy here is to produce a plethora of categories, where normally we are accustomed to very few.

Adopting a method somewhere between epiphanic wisdom and everyday fact, the writing becomes challenging. In this case, it is only a challenging writing which merits the attention of readership. That is not to say that it is not eloquent or insightful… It is the quality of boring thoughts which help us think...

It is my aim that this book could be remembered in a similar light to Aristotle’s Scientific Observations on Nature.

In this book are hints of the Letters of Montaigne and the writings of Lichtenberg. However, efforts were made to be original, to the point of madness...

The title is now available in paperback and e-book formats from Amazon HERE. And I have decided to price the e-book cheaper than my other e-books, in case anyone is worried about that.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Perpetual Motion Genius' Guide for Intelligent Children


Don't hyperventilate. Here is a guide to increasing any child's I.Q. The key is to have an open mind, as all children do. This guide comes from a prodigy of perpetual motion. It was sketched out in his mind before he wrote it down. It uses a proven psychological technique combining functionality, epiphany, and relaxation into a very short network of techniques that reflect in the mind automatically. This book is for ignoramuses and geniuses alike. It is almost guaranteed to raise either I.Q. or creativity in any child. Its empathetic approach, stripped of nonsense, is likely to inspire wonder, re-kindling awe. Few parents have the time and the patience to achieve what this book can achieve in minutes, or repeatedly. The insights in this book are capable of structuring mental rigor year after year, and also encourage independence and pragmatism. Get this book. Don't let you or your child's mind go to waste!

The book includes both a child's and a parents' guide to the child's intelligence. The child's guide is designed to be read aloud. Now available at Amazon.

Primary Semantics of Perpetual Motion (Goodish, I promise)

In my view, I have one point of example.

The unification of separate models is in some sense a matter of theory.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I have updated two of my books recently...

Perpetual Motion Machine Designs & Theory now has a section at the end on flummoxes: machines that appear to work, and then appear not to work. It's a kind of arcane classification for good writing on perpetual motion.

The Book of Uniques has also been updated. Several new images and uniques entries have been added, for those that have considered buying that book, it is now 72 pages long, instead of 68 (or whatever it was).

PMM D&T is now a more satisfying 100 pages.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Photos of Recent Experiments with Perpetual Motion



If the marble continued to the left, it would prove perpetual motion, assuming the contact is level on average. This might be possible with the momentum from the applied leverage (the beginning and end altitudes are about the same because of the upwards slope).

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

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