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Soul Saves

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Divine Inspiration of the Unified Synthesis

When I first wrote a document called the Unified Synthesis a few years before the TOE, I was told by a silent voice that it wasn't the real thing (yet).

Here I describe the beginning at least of what I take to be the real thing, which was an unformed inspiration for the Theory of Everything.

This may be somewhat hard to grasp even compared to the T.O.E., but it is one of the only ways to 'protologize' or more fundamentally, alternately analyze the T.O.E. without referring to very specific applications.

First, you develop an ability to objectively synthesize experience, which is to say, communicate the essence of experience objectively. We call this objective synthization.

Next, we have a more analytic 'unifying ability' which acts previously and separately. This is the ability to synthesize all relevant information content separately but in conjunction with experience, in this case as though with the Programmable Heuristics.

When we have the synthization and the unification together, with the synthization considered first but the unification 'written' first, then we reach the beginning of the true Unified Synthesis.

However, even at this point it must be acknowledged that it is only being considered analytically, and the true form of the ability must be rather rare, in a similar way to the way thinking about  enlightenment is far more common than actually achieving it in an unqualified fashion.

Inspiration for The Theory of Everything

The Magic Concept Pyramid

1. Exponential Efficiency

1. Coherentism (Knowledge, Unification), 2. Natural Momentum, Perpetual motion, Immortality (Time, Animation, Reproduction, Health, Perfection).

1. Absoluteness (Reality), 2. Over-Unity (Meta, Energy), 3. Universe, Greatness.


Theory of Mechanisms

Mechanical Mechanisms:

Dimension = mechanisms + distance

Temporal Mechanisms:

Flux = energy + time

Computational Mechanisms:

Computation = results + time

Electrical Mechanisms

Electricity = variation in current

Deception Mechanisms:

Deception = information + distortion

Destructive Mechanisms:

Destruction = target + damage

Relevant Mechanisms:

Relevance = (Meta - Form) / Power

Cognitive Mechanisms:

Cognition = Disagreement + Imperfection + Smallness + Riddles

Reality Mechanisms

Reality = (Anything /= Stupid)

excluded from major editions:
Dimensions of intelligence:

(1) The Sphinx: Big perfect things die.
(2) Lack of Significance: There are big disagreements about big miserable problems.
(3) Ugliness: There is perfect disagreement about cute dilemmas.
(4) Internal Conflict: Everyone can agree when it comes to flaws, little things, and Sphinxian riddles.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Proof Method of Categorical Exclusion

In process, based on:

Formula for Answering All Questions

The formula for answering questions says:

"The answer is formulated by saying the opposite subject of what you are concerned with in the perfect question confirms the object of the question."

This is unhelpful, as it just refers to the question formula:

Coherent Questions

The question formula says:

“The opposite of you related to something different from both your opposite and you.”

Therefore in this case the exclusion would be:

1. The main subject (Cat A).

2. The true polar opposite of main subject or subjectively what the main subject dislikes (Cat C).

3. A guess about what the concern of (1,2) are (Cat B), and if correct:

4. The true polar opposite or thing disliked by (3) = (Cat D).


So, since those four when complete describe the proper ultimate subject and proper ultimate context, a few notes:

* Each may be seen as sufficient because we can elaborate on them individually.
* Else, if they cannot be elaborated, it is impossible to know about them, and since we are adopting no limits on how to acquire data, that means those things that cannot be elaborated cannot wxist, as there is no conceivable way in eternity to even think of information on them.

Thus, the logic of categorically complete meaning 'exclusive' categories is:

1. There is a subject (A).

2. The subject resists something (C)., even if it is nothing.

3. There is a proper context B-D.

4. That context also includes resistance, even if it is nothing.

Insight Into Dolphin Language

Dolphin language Part 2

An empirical language, which is to say it is figurative, interacting with the environment.

In this sense, rhetorical: inflective.

Also, in the sense of water, infinite.

Humble, mystical.

Also, aware of loud noises.

Brain size may be partly a response to pain.

Tool-minimal language, meaning certain tasks may be exaggerated and interesting, like humans have words for travel, dolphins may have sounds for familiar tactile sensations like eating fish or growing daring.

A single inflection may be a situator for other clicks, the louder the click the more 'situating'.

Situating is analogous to the experiences dolohins have.

A common experience may be the bones of a fish, thus structure based on bones and the water surface may develop.

Perhaps narrative or non-localized thinking.

This may implicate awateness of extended environments like the stars or global events.

Also, the traction of sound with the water, and water noises.

Another view is that dolphin language is radically sectarian and aggressive.

Viewing swimming as an aggressive thing can lend insight into their language.

Swimming --> Sectarian --> Regrouping --> Comprehending --> Situating --> Asking --> What is it --> Fish --> Water --> Impossible

It is possible dolphins see omniscience ss one simple click.

Why not? Their brains are big.

With a big enough brain references csn be more sparse.

It may be that dolphin language is a response to their brain.

The dolphin is able to interpret through understanding.

An important concept is the reference network, (which to be simple is like fish).

However, it could also be sounds.

The memory of sounds and fish understood as a reference structure, like eating fish, or thinking about dolphin behavior.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

A Sid Meier version of Weird Politics

A small band of Barbarians is camped out in Virginia.

Then perpetual motion is invented in New Haven.

Then the majority of the science citizens turn to unhappy faces.

Then more barbarian groups spring up in Boston and Washington DC.

Then the US changes its form of government from Republic to despotism.

Then there is a Democratic coup and the US declares war on Russia.

Then all hell breaks loose...

Politics Links

Psycho Therapy for Depressed People


There is no 'added' thing.

But it might be a trick question, right?

But if you want a coffee or you don't, either one is a way to live, right?

Let's just say there is no 'added' thing making you uncomfortable.


You don't want to feel bad.

Then you want to focus on the feeling of nothing.

That is fine too, because it is not a bad feeling.

Sanity Resources

Bad Mandarin

If you know mandarin, it is just like knowing how to write.

Not easy, you think?

Well, if we know how to write what's ugly, like this:

Then we write what's ugly.

It is just like speaking Hebrew.

If we know how to write mandarin we also know how to write.

Now, speaking mandarin requires some knowledge of phonetics.

It is not just understanding and writing, but speaking Mandarin.

Mandarin is an intelligent language.

Which means all the Europeans borrowed from it.

Which means you can learn some Mandarin by learning about the European languages.

The Characteristic Interface


Thought --> agent --> queue --> (reference).
Context --> relevance --> exclamation --> scrimmage.


(1) Symbolic (function / interpret)

--> Desc (Savgam)
  1. Modify.
  2. Wait.
  3. Codify.
--> (Ref).

(2) Formatic (sense-dimensions) --> Semantic (medium, report, modify, repeat)

--> Primal Efficiency
…1. General, generic.
…4. Preferred methodology.
…8. Summarization.
…16. Iterativation.

(3) Genus --> Species

--> Evolve.
  1. Prediction.
  2. Gather research.
  3. Apply prediction in light of research.
(4) Complete

Phase Logic
  1. Fundamentals. (Example: Protomathematics, problem-checking).
  2. Concept phase. (Example: Sophistry, Art, Organizational Diagrams, Rocket Science).
  3. Function phase. (Example: Math Operators, Sine Wave, Coppedge's Categorical Deduction, Functional Prototype).
  4. System phase. (Example: Coherentism, Calculus, Coherent Calculus, Orbital Satellite).
  5. Problem phase. (Example: Generalitic and species knowledge, riddles, broad strokes and hairsplitting, evolution of concept).
  6. Meta-Problem. (Examples: The idea of Paradox, semantic versions of a theory, irrationalism, chaos theory, advanced models).
  7. Meta-System. (Examples: The Pyramids, Kantian Idealism, Quantum Mechanics, Space Race)
  8. Meta-Function. (Example: occult magic, String Theory, infinity, state-of-the-art).
  9. Meta-Concept. (Example: Neo-Platonism, mathematics, Mission to Mars).
  10. Meta-Basic. (Example: Copernican Revolution, Socratic Method, the eye of the stranger, quadruple semantics, Mars colonization).

--> Alt (Proof Method of Categorical Exclusion).

1. There is a subject (A).
2. The subject resists something (C)., even if it is nothing.
3. There is a proper context B-D.
4. That context also includes resistance, even if it is nothing.

--> Shift (Advanced Pragmatism).

Chronology -->
Early-adopter case.
Conservatuve case.
Confirm conservative case unless confirm early-adopter case.
Repeat (Conservative case may now be like an early-adopter case).

[End / Repeat]



This is like an idea card version of the characteristica.

  • Subject / Soul.
  • Vertical = index / elements.
  • Horizontal = context / description.
  • Diagonal: critique / added details.
  • Profile section: links on topic.
  • Systems: interpretation / formulas.
  • Substance: archaeology / credentials.
  • Abstracta: extract / paradigms.
  • Organon: idea / insight.
  • Devils: problems / aspects.

Based on:
  • Categories.
  • Vertical = entity, value, principle, power.
  • Horizontal = degree, standard, commonality, honor.
  • Diagonal: judgment, energy, resources, substance.
  • Organic lines: coherence, boundary, dimensions, limit.
  • Systems: identities.
  • Substance: quanta, bosons, spacetime, posits.
  • Abstracta: complexity, efficiency, perfection, beauty
  • Organon: Nature, Wisdom.
  • Flags: Inflection, Incorporation, Notation, Tradition.

Overall, based on earlier: A Manual of Options

Efficient Adaptation

A Kind of Dialectic of Adaptation

Under unusually good circumstances, unique traits develop in response to things like (extremely) special information and (extremely) special thinking. In human societies this is a very recent phenonenon.

In a wealthy society, amenities can promote positive recessive trait advantages, which ordinarily would be eliminated due to common dangers or undesirability.

In an industrial society, roles are created for engineers and physicists, resulting in higher mean IQ. Similarly, in a Golden Age, linguists, inventors, and other thinkers are more likely to have influence.

In a society that is at war, military skills, some of them being technical, are at a premium, and leadership often values the survival of male children to military age. Such society may also create engineers.

In a survival environment, with sufficient resources humanoids will develop who are capable of motivating themselves with pleasure and similar things.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Philosophy of Zadie Smith


White teeth.

Good, or bad actually.

Oh man?


The soul of the book is bad boyz.

What else?

I think she does a lot with syntax.

Oh, syn-tax, what an original concept, maybe it's about bad boyz.

I think it's a tech matter.

Oh, that's original. Maybe the bad boyz made a big move.

It's like that, only smaller in scale.

Like it fits in her pocketbook.

I suppose it would Weill in there.

Silly cops.

What did it say?

Bad boyz.

She can play, that's what's on her mind.

Why did she say tech?

Goodie two shoes.


The soul of the book is bad boyz.

She thought she wrote the bible.

What is this, an action movie?

Move over, Al Gore.

What's her principle?


You got that right.

How did she do that?

She's an African-American [woman] and she wrote a book.

She's got soul, somebody says.

That's her kind of treatment.

The pages are bleeding.

Where's her apartment, I didn't know this was a magic car?

When is she going to atone? Is she def?


This is the bad boyz, we've just done something bad.

Why doesn't she say that?

Because she's the invisible narrator.

Invisible? Invincible more like it. What is her favorite brand of shampoo?

None of your business.

See what I mean?

Who are you?


Someone says.

Someone with soul.

History of Philosophy

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Philosophy of the Everybody Dies Book

There was a debate about who originated the Theory of Everything.

Ken Tanaka's book used the letters E and D and appeared to refer to a Theory of Everything, but not everyone sees the connection as explicitly a reference to efficiency and difference.

However, Everybody Dies (tm) is from May 2014, only slightly later than Nathan's most basic objective knowledge formulas which came long before Nathan's Theory of Everything.

Therefore it could be seen that Nathan borrowed The Theory of Everything in part from the initials for Everybody Dies.

In fact, on several occasions, explicit references were made in Nathan's presence to how Everybody Dies should be translated as a Theory of Everything.

Making things more complicated, time-travelers may have inspired Nathan's T.O.E. on purpose already knowing the result.

After that realization it is clear Tanaka has precedent if he is a time-traveler who knows about Nathan's theory, otherwise he should make the reference explicit. If not, it could be seen as a lucky coincidence, but still a point of inspiration for the actual Theory.

Additional Theories:

People are bound together by their connection to the Matrix movie.

David Ury wanted to act in the Mattix and possibly invented a Theory of Everything.

Nathan Coppedge wanted to be inspired by the Matrix and thought it could be used as an idea-platform for perpetual motion machines.

Some people say 'nerded on Matrix' to refer to sex.

In this system if Nathan tends to think of men when he associates ideas, that might be needing help, which is like gay Matrix.

Straight Matrix would be more like directing.


People who need a clue.

But if sex always looks like that it looks awfully reductive.

Besides, Nathan already seemed to have a Theory of Everything before thinking of any real-world connection to Ken Tanaka, so that doesn't seem so much like needing help as making use of diverse resources.

Inspiration for The Theory of Everything

Advanced Language Testing

Based on the concept of certified linguistics acquisition testing.

Then, the components are likely: retension (memory / range), liquid intelligence (forming variety of sentences), and formal concepts (grasping deeper parts of a specific language).
This would be tested for more than one language.

Questions to simplify are asking What languages you speak, and then assessing how challenging those languages tend to be.

In terms of English language, here is a ranking of how challenging languages are:

Least -->
Basic English.
Intermediate English.
Advanced Spanish Basics
Latin roots (some prefixes and suffixes)
Greek Alphabet
Very Basic French.
Some grasp of Polish humor
Some Latin
Intuitive Language
More Advanced French
Some German roots
Fake Italian
Basic Chinese (big step)
Some Hieroglyphs
Rosetta Stone type thinking
Beginner Reading Arabic
Intuitive Japanese
Essence of Korean
Universal Languages
Basics of Reading Ancient Mongolian.
Very Basic Italian
Some Turkish grammar
Super-Advanced English
Intuitive Hebrew
Golden Secrets
Grasping Romanian
Integrated in French culture
Integrated in Chinese culture
< -- Most

Monday, November 11, 2019

The Utopian Principles

See also:
1. There might be an answer, but where do I find it?

2. There could be more designers, but would it make me immortal?

3. Suffering is everywhere, what survives everything?

3. Life is a mystery. Who attempts it?

3. I have found the key is pleasure. But what is another?

Practical Morality

Sunday, November 10, 2019

The Diagnostification of Recent Horrible Biases


Pitch-perfect, but untrue.

The ears are obvious.

Really? Are you sure? Would you like to investigate that?

The answer to which is no you wouldn't, they aren't absolutely.


One category is like another.

For example, big ears are married to retarded.

No they aren't.

You forgot we're talking about an exception.


He is far removed from the grounds (of science).

Not necessarily.

It depends on how exceptional he is.


Physics is always right.

Not when the analogy you use is a plane doesn't fly because it has wings.

For an example of this false analogy, see Ryan Hendricks' comment (against Nathan, who has big ears) on the 'normal force'.

The Spicey Innuendo

Some indication of the unavoidableness of India (Indian philosophy and culture).

The Buddha Reduction

There is one theory where what is necessary for nirvana is:

1. The knowledge of how to understand nirvana.
2. The ability to feel good.
3. A circumstance where one is a functional person.

The point is, with these things nirvana might pass functionalistically, but without any of them it could never pass.

So, is this a theory of nirvana?

For example, how much of nirvana is working memory?

How much of nirvana is being happy?

How much of it is special knowledge of nirvana?

Incidentally, this is how nirvana was preached.

Eastern Philosophy Links

See also:

The Genius of History

The Genius of History

Theoretically, if you're the greatest genius, you can originate all these ideas:

Eternity, Immortality, History, War...

Metaphysics, Art, Meaning, Souls...

Ridicule, Nursery rhymes, Tit fetish, Feminism

Sex, Transcendence, Nirvana, Pleasure at will...

Theory, Fact, Magic, Impossible magic...

Complexity, Perfection, Efficiency, Quantity...

Proof of God, Abstraction, Math, Knowledge...

Hunger, Parasites, Poverty, Capitalism...

Clones, Double agents, Incognito, Viruses...


Upshots: Meta-, Formalism, Archon, Apochranysm, Desire, Analiyz, Respondez, Epique

In other words: Meta-formalism, Spidr-man, boom, production.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

The Magical Inspiration for The Theory of Everything


A writing in The Enchanter's Journal, a book by Coppedge on April 12, 2017 shows signs of an unconscious formulation:

"Ways to channel [I.e. 'set'] magic should not be ignored [interpreted ethically this could mean magical results should be limited to a superstitious value of zero]."

"Many a wizard has lost [efficient] power by ignoring his natural instincts [for efficiency], and avoiding the moments in which they strike him [efficiently, like the hand of a clock]."

"For example, I forgot that some of my stronger [additional] spells came [after] moving my hands..."

"...It might be [D]ifferent for another caster."

This suggests all the necessary elements of The Theory of Everything: Set 0, Efficiency, addition and difference, but dates to two years and two months before the official theory was recorded.


I thought that if someone filled in a word in this sentence, the word that best fit would indicate something about reality's ultimates:

Princip-puzzle, this way comes, breathing doors and ________ halls.

I later learned "princip-puzzle" probably refers to the below image:

(Published in The Book of Uniques (2013) by Coppedge).


It turns out if 'tattered' is placed in the space, that comes to mean me, as I have been compared to boobs and ears.

However, I am not an ordinary boob, so I substitute the third part of the symbol (corresponding to 'tattered halls') with the Coppedge Curve.

However, Coppedge Curve can be abbreviated to mean difference.

Since the first part is like a square, that likely means the standard part, like null or control (or I later learned, Set 0).

The second part represented by a line could be translated as difference with a difference, similar to exponents (extra dimensions) so it could mean efficiency.

Thus, the haunting expression could mean The Theory of Everything, when 'tattered' is inserted and means Nathan.

I wondered though if other better answers existed and this problem hadn't really been solved yet.


See also:

Inspiration for The Theory of Everything

The Lesson of the Eyes that Arent to be Bought

A precedent is: The Antifaustus

At first one long supposes the eyes are a means unto themselves.

Then one gradually learns they are better than that. Let me tell you why.

It begins with the study of Mysteries.

We know mystery is in accordance with nature. The mysterious is more natural snd beautiful. From this is where it gets its power.

Its natural power is the landscape of wishes.

Wishes are the economy of desire.

They grant eyes their power.

So one learns, to know mystery is to have power more powerful than merely eyes.

Alchemy Links

Friday, November 8, 2019

Golden Secrets

You want to be hollow inside, but not really. You say I appreciate myself too much, if you're a polymath.

Kakologos: The language of the devil.

Most things are a very low trellise.

The creator really stoops low.

Linguistics Links

How To Think Like A Harvard Person

Life is a permutation.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Dangerous Ideas

The end of the world is for fools.

Hungry babies.

Hysteria engulfs the capitol city.

An ancient rift opens in the middle earth.

People wander without souls.

The design is too old.

The common language becomes strange and diverse.

Sultry birds prey on the new heir to the throne.

Systems capsize from within.

Order betrays order, revealing chaos.

Women become excessive sacrificers.

The king avails himself of an evil plot.

An innocent man learns of evil.

The crossroads is taken out of play.

History constructs a missile.

Tolerance disappears.

A truly foreboding place appears.

The wizard enslaves the source of his power.

People grow darker hair.

Shapes grow weary of their toil.

The last ship arrives empty without words.

The world must be made again, the same or worse.

They heed a call that is not of this world.

Stupid covenants are made.

The grass scrapes.

A feature of the land is untrustworthy.

People spell misery.

Junk is really like junk.

Hovels of silver become crofts of gold.

The emperor steps down.

The little hamlet burns.

People are without a home.

The sh** hits the fan.

Courage becomes a doctor.

Cities become weak.

All ghoulishness breaks loose.

Cities set with the sun.

Beauty becomes corrupt.

Agony is a strategizer.

Fifth feast is a black hole.

Tundra holds zombies.

Death creeps.

Singularity wheels.

Prosperity is wordless and dumb.

Sh** talks.

Corners prefer one owes apologies.

Lovers dabble in the morning, deciding matters.

People go to the outdoors permanently.

Children can't eat their baked potatoes.

Catalog of Dangerous Sciences

An Analytic History


1976--- Psych = Psychic Prediction Techniques. Forms of Psychic Prediction

  • Awareness by a select few thst there was something going on with categories.

2013-02-02---Objective (Coherent) Knowledge. Objective Knowledge / Extended: Objective: Knowledge
  • Objective knowledge, the completion of the quest for truth!
  • Huge wave of optimism.
  • Intuitive grasp that this and perpetual motion are significant together, because both are so extreme, and both involve dividing by two.
2014-02-03---Paroxysm. General Solution to All Problems and Paradoxes
  • Paradoxes can be solved using polar opposites.
  • Improved prospects of coherence without destroying first formula.
  • Basic coherence project complete.
  • Hunger for new formulas.
2016---Method for Generating the Souls of Literature.. Formula for Souls
  • If perpetual motion is possible, souls look like a second element.
  • Now Nathan feels he is dominating the battlefield of knowledge, but it seems slightly irrational.
2017-03-23----Creativity Formula. Coherent Creativity
  • This formula (attributed to my brother Brian) and Yan's statement about books with an odd number of pages shows great genius is possible and believable.
2018-09-11---Answers. Formula for Answering All Questions
  • Realization that it's possible to solve complex problems.
  • Sense of multiple universalism raises probability of a TOE.
2018-09-14---Wizard Logic. Wizard Logic
  • True possibility is discovered.
  • Enough energy for a TOE.
Incoherent Knowledge. Incoherent Deduction
  • Incoherent knowledge confirmed to be negative space of coherent knowledge.
  • Suggestion at this point of possibility of TOE.
2019-06-26--Theory of Everything. The Theory of Everything
  • Theory of commonalities between all systems of a certain quality.
  • Connections to Greeks, epistemology, theory of trees (Measuring Knowledge of Trees)
  • Can describe everything we can describe on paper, although apparently does not defeat Mary's Problem unless it is analyzable.
  • GUT likely applies to only one universe, confirming David K. Lewis's observation, although N Coppedge notes other universes may not be necessary and dimensions vaguely imply one 'universe of dimensions'.

Soul Evasion

In other words, Soul Stealth or Evasive Souls, perhaps necessary in urban areas.


The binary soul: Location estimated to be empty. Nathan Larkin Coppedge.

The spherical infinity: location is checked only once, similar to infinite souls under slight. Euler, who died of infinity.

The unknown ancient: takes the form of a natural element, unknown that life has scale or endurance through time. Higher dimensional beings who are not promoted. Fairies. Sky God, etc.

The timely soul: lives a particular way, so only appears at odd times when onlookers are too startled to guess. Bird spirit, bird reincarnation, intelligent animals.

The weak, distant soul: preserves itself in distant nostalgia and secrets, dissipating its earlier powers and gaining new ones. The world traveler, the masturbator, the controlled woman, the noble woman.

The old and unthinking soul: this soul keeps saying it is old or dull, you can't really prove it does anything, it might be tricking you but that's about it. If you believe only certain people trick you you think it's dead. People you think are stupid, people who are excited but then don't make a blip.

The careful queue soul: this one remembers something. Something technical or emotional. It waits for one time then grows in self-importance, other times it is blind. When it is alive it may need to decode something, making it an inconvenient experience. Nathan Larkin Coppedge playing ticket death as his personal card.

The doppleganger borrower: appears at a certain time identical to someone important, then as it is ignored, begins to live a totally different life which by some obscure rule can't be explained. Various so-called normal people with families, jobs...

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Scientific Sources that May Support Perpetual Motion Theories

 D. Halliday & R. Resnick, Fundamentals of Physics, second edition, extended version (John Wi- ley & Sons, Inc., New York, 1981) p. 181.
Both angular momentum and momentum are generally accepted by scientists to be conserved values, and both of these variables are contained within the equation L = r x p (variables are as defined in the reference work). Assuming that the implied rotation occurs around a fixed central point, the magni- tudes of angular momentum and momentum cannot both be conserved when the magnitude of the radius changes. The generally accepted principle is that the magnitude of the momentum must change in order to conserve angular momentum. However, it is logically proven that it is the magni- tude of the component of momentum perpendicular to the radius that must be conserved [Note by Nathan Larkin Coppedge: This is not indicative by itself, but it suggests 'momentum = mass X velocity', which in turn indicates momentum is not just motion, but also requires mass. This in turn implies that if a wide range of masses are considered, momentum is almost independent of velocity, and could be seen as depending almost exclusively on mass if mass were the dominant factor. This in turn shows that if momentum is any indicator of energy, energy being dependent on mass, then energy may be seen as coming from Newtonian masses.]
While working on a project that did not achieve the results predicted, I discovered this oversight within the laws of physics.
For the equation L = r x p1, assuming that the implied rotation occurs around a fixed central point which we will refer to as the center of rotation. We also refer to the vector r as the radius.
Premise 1:
There is a force at all times directed from the point mass along the radius toward the center of rota- tion (centripetal force).
Premise 2:
A change in the magnitude of the radius is conducted by altering the magnitude of this force.
Premise 3:
There can be no component of this force perpendicular to the radius.
Premise 4:
In order to affect the magnitude of the component of momentum perpendicular to the radius, one must apply a parallel component of force (Newton’s first law).
A change in the magnitude of the radius cannot affect the magnitude of the component of momentum perpendicular to the radius.
In the equation L = r x p, assuming that the implied rotation occurs around a central point, it is the cross product of momentum (x p) element of the equation that must be conserved when the magni- tude of the radius changes.
[References: As Stated.]
Comment on Quora by J Mandlbaur

Elizabeth Gibney. How ‘magic angle’ graphene is stirring up physics Misaligned stacks of the wonder material exhibit superconductivity and other curious properties. NATURE MAGAZINE / 02 January 2019. Feature Article.
The throngs of physicists had come to hear how Jarillo-Herrero’s team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge had unearthed exotic behaviour in single-atom-thick layers of carbon, known as graphene [that is typically kept at room temperature]… But the MIT team had taken a giant leap by turning graphene into a superconductor: a material that allows electricity to flow without resistance.
[Note by Nathan Larkin Coppedge: I had found a similar result of about 1.1 degrees mixed horizontal and vertical for what I called the Master Angle in an experiment from July 3, 2014 conducted in New Haven].
Magic Angle in Graphene Verified by Scientists

National University of Singapore. Scientists discover how to 'lock' heat in place using quantum mechanics. PHYSORG. July 10, 2019.
A ground-breaking study conducted by researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) has revealed a method of using quantum mechanical wave theories to "lock" heat into a fixed position [Perhaps contrary to the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics?]…. Ordinarily, a source of heat diffuses through a conductive material until it dissipates, but Associate Professor Cheng-Wei Qiu from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the NUS Faculty of Engineering and his team used the principle of anti-parity-time (APT) symmetry to show that it is possible to confine the heat to a small region of a metal ring without it spreading over time… In the future, this newly demonstrated phenomenon could be used to control heat diffusion … When the conditions are broken, the system acts conventionally, and the heat is carried forward as the ring rotates.
Scientists discover how to 'lock' heat in place using quantum mechanics
What are some technology "firsts"?

Reality Boost 2019-11-06

Players are avatars.

Guys live to the age women want them to live.

Intellectual work is consideted 'on the side'.

You always remember your life fondly.

If you just had a reslistic memory.

If life was just ideal.

Types of Ideal Invention

The Perfect Formulation and Elemental Construction



1. People already know about the shoe. Imagine there is another example like a shoe... it is like a shoe, only better, so it has a roller-ball that protrudes from the heel, so it really adds nothing substantial... (It is basically a shoe, a shoe for walking like any other shoe)... It goes under the classification of 'shoe'.
2. Hume invented hume's fork, The devil's fork is when the current life creates a future fork in  in which the future choice must be different from the present. It is like there is an invention like a fork... (The invention we already invented)... The invention is any one of these inventions.
3. There is something called the lever, invented by Archimedes. But the lever is not ideal, so we could aim to invent the ideal lever. To create an ideal lever we need a lever with better balance, so we must add weight to compensate for the weight of the long end. But since it is still a lever, basically, functionally, it is still a lever, only of the ideal kind. (It helps to consider it as simply an improvement on the lever), so it is classified as a lever.



1. We are seeking a logical method to describe the nature of the soul. The most obvious method is to refer to Socratic statements which define the soul in the Classical Greek fashion as being ironic. An authentic method is derived by applying exclusion to Socratic irony.
2. We are seeking a logical method to describe all great inventions. The obvious method is permutation derived from inspiration. It requires sufficient exclusive elements in the form of a list of properties for all great inventions. It is perfect and sufficient if those elements are the elements used in the permutation, and the permutation has been shown to reliably anticipate many of the greatest inventions.
3. We are seeking a logical method to descibe the procedure of arriving at any truly great idea. The obvious method is a single-width concatenated list beginning with Occam's Razor. Occam's Razor is the perfect point of origin for a methodology, and the procedure has been shown to reliably create great ideas.



1. An interesting case is the coin swallower machine. What can we observe? The principle that the middle of the coin may be higher than where the bottom was on the next rotation. What does this mean? It means impossible magic.
3. An interesting case is the history of technology. What do we observe? Technology is evolving towards information. If technology is like information, and information is like magic, then technology is like magic. What does this mean? The future of technology is magical.
2. An interesting case is the pants that stand up against a sink counter. What can we observe? They are largely unsupported, there is very little static. Apparently it's magic. What does this mean? If it is not physical, it must be mind over matter.


1. The archetype of the ambitious quest is to reach a formula for being more brilliant than brilliance. However, a formula for brilliance requires a formula. Everyone seems to believe the only universal formula is basic shit, so thst is what is meant by formula. What is meant by brilliant must prove intelligent fools stupid. So, the formula for brilliance is basic shit about the impossibility about perpetual motion machines. However, a more brilliant formula, if there is one, involves either not-basic shit, or perpetual motion.
2. One of the oldest and most difficult quests is the search for truth. Truth is often equated with wisdom, which requires knowledge. The ideal form of knowledge would provide truth on all subjects. However, such has been impossible because no knowledge was seen as superior to any others. However, the new concept of exponential efficiency may mean knowledge advantage, implicating truth.
3. A new and valuable quest is the quest to make self-sufficient planets. A self-sufficient planet must also be a mobile planet. However, mobility of planets requires a near-unlimited supply of energy. Perpetual motion machines are one theory which could supply a near-unlimited supply of energy. The new theory of working perpetual motion machines indicates the possibioity of mobile planets.

Ideal things,
Procedures for Ideas,
Magical Element,
Perpetual motion systems.

See also:

Inventor's Master Permutation

N-ary Secrets

The Good Little Boy

Soul: He questions, and thinks.

Original Psychology

Matrix Wisdom Concept

It occurred to me recently that some of my ideas beginning in 2005 benifitted by consideration of the Matrix movie.

Specifically concepts that centered around exponential efficiency.

The overall impression is of very special legacy code, a concept thought of as consisting of information.

Santa's lap is like an infinite devils regress, then the matrix is like ancient grease.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Light Equations

Light in Crystal: Clear, modified by corners

Crystalline Intelligence

N-ary Secrets

Meta-Soul Formula

Presocratic Mode Part 3

Above: a diagram illustrating the Nullstellensatz.



Thomas Free: How would you best describe the Theory of Everything?

(Crustallized intelligence was invented in 1971).

After Crystalline Intelligence:



See too:

Shift Control Alt Theory


The word next to apparency is 'creation'.


Helium Balloon 3

Caution: This is s correction of an earlier version of the helium balloon pmm that is thought not to work due to insufficiently horizontal use of force.

Date of Invention: by November 2, 2019.

Notable Difference: Repeating circular Sawblade-shaped track allows wheel (s) or roller to follow path of least resistance.

Over-Unity Rating: 150% (?)

Buoyant Force: 1X

Additional Weight: >1 to < 2

Equation: Max = < 2BF. Min = > BF. Unified Additional Weight Formula: 2BF > BF. Where BF is the so-called Buoyant Force of the balloon.

Over-Unity Formula: (1/2 Difference in Range of Additional Weight / Buoyancy) + 1 * 100.

Formula for Answering Riddles

1. To be great or plural.

2. To answer perfectly.

3. To answer by having a soul.

(Riddles based on these).

A man is nations.

You can always give the perfect answer.

A soul is the philosopher's stone, the object of everything.

Based on: Meta-Soul Formula


See also: High-Minded Solutions

Wednesday, October 30, 2019


Star Map Saved for Records

From Instagram / Pinterest

Philosophy of Philip Pettit


4 Selves:

1. There is a stage where people realize they are zombies. The landscape encapsulates everything. Humanity (or whatever it is) grows empirically to believe what it has experienced is important. It need only do so much.

2. When it rises above being a zombie, it is still dependent, it needs something to be dependent on. This dependence is what forms an experience. From this comes the supposedly. The supposedly is good, it gives us something to talk about.

3. We have supposedly. We're uncertain of ourselves. Supposedly is something that lacks sophistication, lacks certainty. So, we talk about drugs, we're also talking about being a zombie, which is existing on a landscape. However, really now we're talking about our drugs. This means we must speak in a sophisticated fashion. We now borrow from psychologists, to be grown up, not civilized. Well, it could be civilized too. The thing is, you're arguing, you're debating, you have the rational thing on the table, so now you have agency.

4. Now there is an additional move that that is basic, not that it could be, but there is some additional clever argument. The clever argument is also clever, and it means things. We do not say whatever it is in the ordinary sense or not. It doesn't matter, only now it does, only now it doesn't. The point is it is not about the debate. We get this with Jung almost, but we also get this with the Nathanian Curve. It might look less or more sophisticated, but it wins. As far as the environment, it only matters if it wins. But it keeps adding things. It wins in multiple ways. It wins in a very clever way, it wins in universal ways. It could be wrong in basic ways. This is the Nathanian Curve.

History of Philosophy

Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Falsehood of Authenticity

Where is mastery?

What is MASTERY?

What is the beginning of mastery?

We may choose to ask:

What is the authentic beginning of 'mastery'?

But this is a false lead, because dialectically if we see ourselves as evolving towards authenticity, then the beginning of such evolution is not authentic at all. In this case we are actually assuming that authenticity is not evolved, or otherwise that authenticity is of no account.

Therefore, the beginning of mastery cannot be 'authentic' at all. So, at the very least it is a poor choice of words.

In order to hold a high standard we choose a weaker judgment of error, and the result is that we decide it is a poor choice of words, rather than completely wrong. After all, there may be an irrational standard by which the beginning is authentic but in an opposite fashion as the end.

In any case, the mastery we seek is more authentic than the beginning of it, or we are saying that the mastery was to become less authentic, or that what is authentic is not a dialectic.

Scary Theorems

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Trinity Integrated Function

1. Coherent Foundations.
2. Elemental Proficiencies.
3. Modicum of Information.

Translation of:
Extended Possibility in Absoluteness

Extended Possibility in Absoluteness

1. Coherence.

2. Foundations.

3. Elements.

4. Proficiencies.

5. Modicums.

6. Information.


Translated from: Limited Possibility in Absoluteness

Later translated into: Trinity Integrated Function

Limited Possibility in Absoluteness

1. Decisions,
2. Preferences,
3. Extensions,
4. Potential,
5. Advantages,
6. Coherence.


An addition to: Coherent Impossibility

See also: Extended Possibility in Absoluteness

Coherent Impossibility

[Coherent Systems 2.B.3.B.2.]

1. Determinism,
2. Imperfection,
3. Limitation,
4. Containment,
5. Weakness,
6. Separation.

However, this is not a whole picture, it is part of: TOE Conjectures

See also inverse:

1. Decisions,
2. Preferences,
3. Extensions,
4. Potential,
5. Advantages,
6. Coherence.

---Limited Possibility in Absoluteness

Reversed and translated:

1. Coherence.
2. Foundations.
3. Elements.
4. Proficiencies.
5. Modicums.
6. Information.

---Extended Possibility in Absoluteness


1. Coherent Foundations.
2. Elemental Proficiencies.
3. Modicum of Information.

Trinity Integrated Function

Reordered for durability:

1. Foundational elements.
2. Modicum of proficiencies.
3. Coherent information.

With earlier for substantiation:

1. Foundations in coherent information.
2. Proficient elements.
3. Information proficiencies.


Create Matter (Inefficient cause).

Information Efficiency Concernment (Causal fulfillment: sufficiency = sustained inefficiency).

Create Nothingness, Unconcern (inefficient cause is insufficiency).


Insufficient inefficiency with matter is perfection.