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Programmable Heuristics Will Be Available as a Book!!!


This text is now available on Amazon:


This is the long-awaited text edition of Coppedge’s valuable philosophical heuristics, designed to aid programmers (and everyone else!) in all matters of knowledge. The contents may be beneficial for economists, programmers, machine learning, and even for political advisory and more common tasks like philosophy and creative writing. This is truly a treasure trove for heuristic analysis! Included at the end are eight or so writings on big ideas to give needed perspective and clarify problems, as well as provide a little education.


Alan H├íjek, who earned his PhD. in philosophy at Princeton in 1993, argues that “philosophy has a variety of heuristics” (1). And goes on to say that “such heuristics can enhance one’s ability to make creative contributions to philosophy.” (1). As recently as 1972, Karl Popper did not even consider philosophical objectivity (in other words, progress) possible. He writes: “From a rational point of view, we should not ‘rely’ on any theory, for no theory has been shown to be true, or can be shown to be true.” (Popper 21). This is a strange absoluteness to hold, which must be self-contradictory. Typology, which is perhaps the closest to realizing coherence outside of mathematics, emerged as recently as the 1870s (145 years ago) with Charles Peirce. (“This theory  of meaning (‘speculative grammar’) was to provide foundations for his writings in logic” OCP). Nicholas Rescher’s book (1973), dates work on coherence somewhat more recently. However, not all heuristics involve coherence. I have made an effort to include anything that might be helpful to my readers.


Nathan Coppedge, b. 1982, is an author and member of the International Honor Society for Philosophers. He is a famous quotable, and visionary artist. His recent project has been to re-construct the lectures of Socrates. He lives near Yale University.

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New Quotes June 2017

"Being a wizard is about having the right mind. Being a scientist is about having the right universe. But we are more responsible for minds than universes." ---Nathan Coppedge

"With the right influence on the 3-d world, it might be possible to buy into the 4-d world. But it still requires good ideas."

"Good solutions to problems are nominally worth keeping in a magical library." ---Nathan Coppedge

"For me, when life is unbearable, that seems dishonest... Optimism is good, and a good life may be difficult, but optimism isn't the only good thing."

"At some point it seems functionality and the universe will be different things (Because functionality can evolve, but that implies a lack of knowledge of what the universe is, as a function of the unlikelihood of functionality)." ---Nathan Coppedge

"What can be done in zero degrees with nothing can almost never be done in one degree with something." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Properties of infinity: It's not a sandbox. It's just a guppy. The philosopher has quite an appetite. Archetypes lock together." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Recipe for consciousness: Infinity, priority, the drama of atoms, the drama of sex, the drama of intellect, the boredom of immortals, the infinite priority, sex with atoms, intellectual boredom, infinite atoms, infinite jealousy, good ideas." ---Nathan Coppedge

"4-d might not know that the temple is empty, the garden is complete, the flowers are green, and the tower has one floor." ---Nathan Coppedge

"They are equally virtuous, except the victim has a bad metaphysics, the one who is ambitious is not always rewarded for creating significance, and the one living the good life may sometimes not understand how to live meaningfully. As a result, metaphysics is always flawed in an imperfect world." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Devil-IGSHS (Goals of an immortal life:) diabolical, immortal, great, significant, happy, smart." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Coherent problems: the dialectic of philosophy, method of solving paradoxes, all problems are ideally philosophical, what is good is really good, problems are problematical, impossibility is impossible, insofar as we die we're already dead so if we die we've become someone else."

"Touching a stone will prevent reality from slipping away, while kicking it will cause it to leave." ---Nathan Coppedge

"True depth: if we can't see it, it's infinite. If we can see it, it's condensed! Same logic." ---Nathan Coppedge

"It is sincere to say there is no appropriate future (in philosophy) without interpreting all of the past." ---Nathan Coppedge


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