Thursday, March 17, 2016

Quotes Late March 2016

"Initially at least (at our present time), there are four kinds of soul: (1) The soul of age, (2) The soul of old wisdom, (3) The soul of youth, and (4) The soul of wise energy. Perhaps due to the absence of wise energy, we have not commonly progressed into the fourth dimension of the soul." ---Nathan Coppedge, March 2016, (Quora, included in Spiritual Writings).

“Total reality is as ridiculous as total absurdity. But total reality is inevitable and total absurdity is available.” ---Nathan Coppedge, March 2016

"The blindness of God is merely the absence of a spiritual dimension of existence, an arbitrary factor easily corrected by human pragmatism." ---Nathan Coppedge, March 2016

"My grand vision is that there is a material for every complexity. Hence, dimensions have an infinite extensibility." ---Nathan Coppedge, March 2016

"Reason is the crime and punishment of principle! Yet systems do survive that are more sublime than contrived!" ---Nathan Coppedge, March 2016

"The realization of a perception is like a pile of stones."  - -Nathan Coppedge (as Asceticurus) 

"People thirst for complexity that makes rational sense, as shown by the God concept. Some people may even realize concepts of God, but this realization is often temporary where it has a temporary use, or if it can be recorded more efficiently as 'trustworthy information'. The loyalty of information becomes the fundamental theology of the information age." ----Nathan Coppedge, March 2016

"If you want to be ethical: be innocent, be philosophical, be religious, and be happy." ---Nathan Coppedge, March 2016

"The problem of evil is its mixture of un-centered ambition and artificial conflict, mixed with interacting energy, boredom, and bad ideas." ---Nathan Coppedge, March 2016

"Assuming everything is allowed to be selfish, my conclusion is that everything is trying its best." ---Nathan Coppedge, March 2016

"Everyone tries to make significance virtuous, or lives the failure of the quest unaware." ---Nathan Coppedge, March 2016

"Pain is the only unbearable thing." ---Nathan Coppedge, March 2016

"Meaninglessness is a confusing form of pain. It is also an ambitious claim over distant, unrealized things." ---Nathan Coppedge, March 2016

"The answer I have is that everything is trying its best, assuming that it tries at all, and assuming that it is not distracted, and assuming that it is not playing a game. Assuming, in short, that there is not some competing value which seems important but actually isn't. Assuming everything is allowed to be selfish." ---Nathan Coppedge, March 2016

"Pleasure forgets the origins of functionality." ---Nathan Coppedge, Prophetic Wisdom

"Redemption is the process of regaining wisdom." ---Nathan Coppedge, Spiritual Writings


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