Sunday, February 14, 2016

Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prediction #14

15,973.84 Up 313.66(2.00%) (Feb 12)

Stocks are in the 15,000s, which I consider to be a sign of struggle at a price. This is a paradigm set by Detroit, Dell, Microsoft, etc. --- hard players that know how to win when the going gets tough (Update: Dell didn't close afterall, so it's still in play).

Overall, the numbers show optimism about immortality, which may reflect recent news stories such as Swords to Plowshares that indicate progress in perpetual motion, or leader confidence in that area.

While the A.I.s are growing suspicious, there is a chance to make good on conventional values like the aforementioned Detroit, Dell, and Microsoft.

Microsoft has the advantage that typically it takes conservative advantage of new opportunities, and handles the 15,000s well, as this was the climate it was accustomed to in the 1990's.

Reading the numbers for divinatory clues, the overall numbers rather than the difference from previous numbers reads: AEIGCHD, suggesting focus on super-corporations, digital products, and arts and entertainment.

15,000s are tough for perpetual motion, but have a lot of American potential (the 'pull-through' mentality). This is a section where the middle class suffers, and the upper class grows, unlike the 18000s, where the upper class narrows but a few people become super-wealthy. So, it is good news for business growth, if what is meant by growth is money in the pockets of a growing upper class.

I predict a few spot-on innovations in the coming months, and perhaps even a social shift towards more indulgence with the effect of burdening health care and raising insurance premiums.

Paradoxically, times like this are not so bad for the lower classes, as there is intense pressure to put in welfare reforms. That spells success for the democratic race, which in turn means that there will be opportunities for radical innovations eventually.

Expect a change of mentality soon, and a variety of handouts.

Optimistic, but much depends on perpetual motion.

I also predict a role for the sciences within the 15,000s, perhaps more of a role than before if you really consider the numbers. This too may be a sign of perpetual motion that has already happened.

In that case, perhaps what we are seeing is the biggest government economic cover-up in history, as politicians and corporate leaders make a greedy gamble to prevent hyper-inflation and civil unrest.

The leaders seem to be masters enough to prevent these boogeymen from happening.

But what it means for perpetual motion is not at all clear.

What IS clear to me, is that unless America wants to stay in the 17000s and below indefinitely, perpetual motion should be considered as the primary option. Even if it IS a cover-up.

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