Tuesday, February 16, 2016

NATHAN COPPEDGE MEETS "THE CLEVEREST MAN" [short story from real life]

We were on the beach at Westville, where my step-mother's mother used to live.
While we were navigating the rocks, a vision appeared on the horizon.
A vision of a man walking, and laughing.
"I bet you don't know what my secret is?" He said.
What it appeared to be was a fly-wheel, with a listening box underneath.
The flywheel appeared to be in motion!
I analyzed it. Then I listed to it.
"It's a fabled perpetual motion machine!" I said.
"That's right!" he said. "But you still don't know my secret!" he said.
So I busted it on the sidewalk!
Inside, I found:
A plastic disk designed to look like a flywheel in motion!
And, a miniature conch shell, designed to create the sound of the flywheel!
"Now, you pay me for that!" he said.
I instinctively leapt away.

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