Friday, February 26, 2016

Made my day...

Chris Too Loose on whether thinking of alternatives to Aristotle's logic requires thinking outside the box... What a relief.... Someone agrees with me!

"Yes. Because Aristotle's ideals are already considered conventional. They are taught in every western philosophy and ethics class. To learn what is already conventional, is thinking inside the box... Because the ideals and concept has already been put forth. Thinking outside the box is looking outside the paradigm of what already exists... Looking past what already exists essentially means to you look within yourself and think of something new. It could be anything... But if you can think it and put it forth into the world then that's an example of thinking outside the box.

Also, Ana Nova on whether it might be possible to create a new Cubism... Also in agreement...

"Art forms and technics will always continue their transformations, so I am certain, that we will see an outstanding examples of new cubism forms and original modifications, that is what exactly keeps imagination alive."

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