Monday, February 15, 2016

Dimensional Psychological Development: 3.5th dimension

To feel good, even if the objects in front of me don't appear good.

To keep a schedule, not just of times, but of places and things.

To focus on what matters, and my own mind.

To remain captivated with wisdom and cleverness.

To make arrangements for metaphysical success, rather than failure.

To engage in visionary rituals as a way of having experiences.

To write what matters, without losing health.

To know high-minded things like psychology and love.

To go adventuring when I'm bored, with a mystical mentality.

To have access to higher dimensions where boredom and death are impossible.

To know proverbs and symbolism and other high-minded languages.

To engage in emotional repartee with objects and sensations to improve my mind.

To know occasional gratification or other means of satisfaction.

To live in a good place for a good time.

To test impossibility for the improvement of the world.

To grow complex and various in my mental composure.

To now and then be surprised by some genius, such as a child or juggler.

To know deepness and mystery without experiencing unrecoverable tragedy.

To live to at least 66 if I am a genius, and 777 if I am an enchanter.

To know life in its variations without suffering.

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