Monday, February 1, 2016

Cry Story [What is the wisest thing a child said?]

Repeated from Irfan Khan --- (

Last night we were reciting Quran in mosque and my seven year old nephew Waqar was sitting beside me.

There is a verse which translates to something like "God had created earth and everything in it for the benefit of humans. And then He created the seven sky ."

Hearing this, Waqar asked me, ''How seven sky ?''

"Because He is omnipotent", I replied.

Then he said, "God is so kind and nice, but who created God ?"

"Ummm I don't know"

I told him to ask the Imam.

When he asked, Imam told him - Beta aise question nahi pucha karte (Son, you don't ask questions like that)

At the end he told me, "I think all the people jointly created God for themselves".

Today he refused to go to the Mosque because no one knows the answer to his question and the Imam prevented him from questioning, and told me that I have to find out this for myself - and we agree on that.

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