Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Roots of Dimensionism / Dimensionalism in Picabia

Quotes by Nathan Coppedge:

"Translating age might yield youth.
Youth is age’s experience, except with the avant-garde.
Psychiatrists would say God is the avant-garde.
We shouldn’t age except by holiness.
Holiness has the promise of the sacred life."
 ---Spiritual Writings (#1)

"For it (truth) is (inherently) coherent. What is incoherent is coherently incoherent. I find this to be a rule of nature." ---2014

"Coherence breeds incoherence."

I have recently noted that Picabia wrote similarly in 1949: "Knowledge is an old error that thinks of its youth. Illogicity invented logic...Art is the worship of error. To fear the senses is to become a philosopher." (Francis Picabia, 4 March 1949, quoted in I AM A BEAUTIFUL MONSTER: Poetry, Prose, and Provocation by Francis Picabia, p. 379).

A translation of parts of Picabia's work is subsequently being added to the Golden Notebook (the new addition has not yet been published, as of 2016/01/13).

More later, perhaps.

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