Tuesday, August 4, 2015


By this I don't mean that the universe is limited to 27 dimensions...

1. What is, is.
2. What is, is not something.
3. What is, varies in what it is.
4. What varies, varies.
5.  What varies, varies in what it is not.
6. What varies in what it is not might not
vary in truth. It is uncertain.
7. What does not vary in truth,
lacks dynamic variables.
8. Some truths are entities, numbers.
9. Some truths are dynamic.
R. Irrationality may be a variable.
S. Some truths are mysteries.
T. Else, truths are a form of relation.
U. Truth varies by relation or truth.
V. There is some quantity of truths.
W. Try to relate with the absolute.
X. What is, might be different than
what you think it is.
Y. What is, is miscellaneous.
Z. What is, is not what it is.
Z2: Reason is a form of madness.
Z3: Madness has reason.
Z4: Not all things are true.
Z5: Not all things are false.
Z6: Not all things are mad.
Z7: Not all things have reason.
Z8: Not all things are explained.
Z9: Not all things lack explanation.
Z10: Truths are exceptional.

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