Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Things that Are Divine About Me

1. I'm seeking immortality.

2. The first major thing I noticed was that I decided to grow a tendon in the middle of my neck, joining in the center behind my spine. Before that, I had two tendons, like normal people. It grew by willpower! And it's not a normal human structure!

3. From what I can tell, I gained the power to naturally synthesize small amounts of telomerase, an immortality substance, by following certain instructions (imagine that your cells have little hooks, then repair the hooks, see what your brain can do, creating a pleasant, chalky, milky feeling in your brain, now you should notice effects on your youthfulness).

4. I have never drunk more than a sip of coffee in my life.

5. I'm not an alcoholic.

6. I have never used street drugs, unless the one immortality pill I took was speed. I plan to take another one next summer (TeloRx).

7. I don't have a venereal disease.

8. I paid off my college loans.

9. I made the sky turn periwinkle blue, and then purple, from what I can tell, by wishing for good things.

10. I could choose which way my hair was directed by willpower, starting in 2015, based on a theory that people choose which direction their hair goes when they swipe it with their right or left hand. But this was something more divine than that: I could choose at any time!

11. I grew not copper, but metallic gold colored hair on my beard!

Superficial things for now, perhaps! But, if things improve, then they will be much better, so to speak! A major goal is to improve musculature when I'm 100! Earlier than that and the effect is atavistic, in my view...

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