Tuesday, August 4, 2015


"There goes my immortality" --- I was speaking. the context was my father telling me to buy regular milk instead of organic. It's possible this never happened, but was 'remembered' at an earlier point when I decided to travel back, even though at that time the key event hadn't happened yet. (circa 2015).

"With this dissolve, I decide to become a time-puzzle" --- I was speaking, after destroying my room, and before going to an insane asylum and then miraculously waking up in my own clean bedroom outside the asylum on a spooky night in which the Grim Reaper tried to kill me. (circa 2009).

"There, you're married" --- I said this to my art patrons Anthony and Crystal, before she granted me one wish, and I wished to time travel, and was sent back through my own life. (the future point being 2013).

"I bet you wish you hadn't time traveled". --- my mother was speaking in this scene, wielding a knife, and I think she scared me into time traveling back to where I had came from. It was a dark and stormy night, and everything seemed wrong.

"Want a piece of chocolate? I spent my whole day's budget on it!" then I appeared to go back in time at some point, after I had some kind of big problem.

"I'm not secretly taking, like, a lot of medication, are I?" "Well, sort, of! I didn't admit it, but my secret is, you're on ambergris" This was before I took a supposed immortality supplement. Thus, it must have been spiritual ambergris, or powdered ice-time or something (my step-father plays hockey).

"I think it's a scavenging rat"---my dad about an artwork I hadn't created yet in the current version of my life when he visited (the event might repeat soon).

"Okay, I'll clean out the refrigerator"---to appliances inspectors who were going to replace my refrigerator, only in a future life that I returned from (the even is repeating soon).

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