Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs says that it's good for love and making wishes.

But, in my limited experience with the herb (and I think I'm sensitive), I feel that it makes me feel possessed, and then grants me considerable intelligence gradually. In my view, this is only the second of three personalities of Ginseng.

The first is intelligent lovers, who mistake it for love, but are really boosting their obsession with their own intelligence.

The third personality is less intellgent people who think it connotes wisdom, plain and simple. But this just means they think it means other people's intelligence.

So, riddle solved! Ginseng just means possession in exchange for long-term intelligence. If you're wishing for intelligence, then it could mean wishing, too! And if you're wishing for intelligent love, then it could also help there, unless you don't want to feel possessed!

So, riddle solved! No further look for information about Ginseng. It is likely to deceive you.

And, if you want a cheap immortality remedy, look no further than Turmeric ('yellow root'), rather than Ginseng.

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