Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Most Under-Rated Designer! / Design Philosopher: Nathan Coppedge!

"I love ideas, especially my own ideas. And there's a reason for that..."

I may have had my hand in the following products and brands:

In New Haven, someone asked me for an idea of a car, and I said it should be a sort of puffed out coup car designed for the luxury market, but cheap for a luxury car. The man asked me to make a drawing, and I promptly did. It was basically identical to the outer body of the Cooper Mini. This was probably the basis for the design, which appeared about 7 years later (2005 - 2012).

When I was in California, or just back from vacation in California, someone asked me a question about whether I knew of any names that might work for clothing store, particularly one oriented towards basketball-type products. My answer was "Eb Lens" because it makes people think of dribbling really fast and dunking. He asked me for further explanation, and I said "It's pure psychology. Kind of hard to explain." And I gave an explanation of how ebbing and flowing, "getting a little destructive", and "giving someone the eye" was all about basketball. And, "Basically, because it works" I said. About ten years later, a branch of a company by that name opened in New Haven. And yes, it featured basketball clothing. Unfortunately, I never agreed to receive royalties for the products.

Keys with Kites Tattoos, now called Keys on Kites. I came up with the name during an ask-for-word-on-the-street contest. The name was later adopted by the Tattoo parlor, which is situated in Westville (don't get a tattoo: I don't like tattoos, and I designed the name for this place).

Alchemy Club. I came up with the name. Another street contest. I also named Bobby's Grocery in New Haven, after someone I sort of hated (I don't own Bobby's Grocery, but they were looking for a name).

Also, I suggested 'Evolution Tattoos' in New Haven, which is coincidentally located around the corner from where I live on Orange St. Too bad for them, since I'm not into tattoos. Their logo is similar to the above tattoo (not on my body, or anyone I know). Maybe they'll move to Kits & Nevis around the time the aliens start transporting to surface stations...

Here is a story of how I designed the projections that now appear at rest-stops across the United States and maybe also artificial trees in the same blow (don't blame me: I didn't think they were phallic. In fact, they were designed not to be. They're just supposed to look modern and exciting...) HERE IS THE LINK.

So-called Downdraft Energy Tower. I found this in a patent database, and informed an Israeli intellectual. Now it is being built in Arizona (no royalties, yet again).

I also came up with the lyrics "I'm sexy and I know it" (based on my love of philosophy and being a pariah), and possibly the word 'twerk' in middle school in the 1990's.

Apparently, I have played a large part in defining culture as we know it today, and yet I'm virtually an unknown. 

I'm still 32.

If any of my readers want quick, brilliant design advice about big ideas (suggestions, appearances, new brand names), then by all means contact me at my e-mail with some information about your project: contact [at] nathancoppedge.com

Feedback will be both limited and unlimited, if you understand me. Royalties are preferred, if you are a representative of a major company. Otherwise, a check in the mail would be excellent (just a donation). Or, a contract can be arranged. E-mail multiple times if necessary. Don't worry, I am interested. I love ideas, especially my own ideas. And there's a reason for that...

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