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Metaphysical Levels of the 3rd Dimension According to Aestheticureanism or Asceticureanism

The metaphysical art is the art of changeless variations. Here are motions within the art:

(A) There are two boulders of equal size. Place an equally-sized boulder between them.

(B) There is a small boulder and a very large boulder. Place a medium-sized boulder between them.

(C ) There is a small boulder and a very large boulder. Imagine an infinite boulder beyond the large boulder.

(D) There is a small boulder and a very large boulder. Find something small and magical in the sand beyond the smaller boulder. If you do not find something, do your best to put something small and magical there in place of the missing object. If you return later, take the object, or return the object, creating a cycle of nature.

(E) Swing a cheap object on a string, to advertise the one small magical object that you do not possess, or the infinite ones that you do, but which may be invisible.

(F) Make compositions out of precious objects, finding magic in them. Think if you must.

(G) Try to balance something on a tall pole stuck in the ground. If you cannot balance the object, then become a tragedian by worshipping the invisible things on the end of the protruding stick.

(H) Pretend you are a victim to lament the possible loss of immortality. Stick sticks in the ground and lie on your back underneath the sticks, like you have been impaled by the invisible. Construct a spirit to equal the ghosts on the ends of the poles.

(I) Carry a stick to keep in touch with the ghosts in things. Become animated with the way of the world.

(J) Put a precious magical thing on a string around your neck. Now you don’t need to play victim. Give it a name, like ‘wishing stone’ or ‘philosopher’s stone’ or ‘washing-stone’ or ‘stone of youth’.

(K) If you don’t like the stone, throw it in the water. When you feel thoughtful, look for a replacement stone. If you love the stone, keep it on a shelf. Become a hermit.

(L) Ruminate, so that you remember just how things are.

(M) Practice un-attachment, and learn time-travel.

At this point, if you succeed, you have mastered metaphysics for three dimensions.

From the forthcoming Dimensional Metaphysics Toolkit.

It is also available as an academic paper (comments welcome for a limited time):

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