Saturday, August 8, 2015


These might include science fiction authors, philosophers, etc.

Amadeus Mozart --- abstract predictions making life more creative for everyone.
         Concept of 'life's variations' elaborated from earlier composers.
Bible writers --- perpetuated the concept of prophecy as something that was not idiotic.
Protagoras -- concept of relativity / all arguments are good.
Plato --- self-fulfilling prophecy of the Republic form of government.
Aristotle --- created logic no one else knew existed.
Lichtenberg --- made many predictions modern for their time, including that
            metaphysics could be mad.
Husserl --- formalized the beginnings of objective knowledge, including
         the state / quality distinction.
Marx --- contributed the concept of Communism.
George Orwell --- largely prophetic mentality.
Immanuel Kant --- secular humanism and criminal justice.
Neil Gibson --- science fiction writer predicted the computer 'core' .
Neil Stephenson --- science fiction writer predicted metaverse.

Looking at these, it is like there is a growing metaphysical trend----unless that is just the temptation of geniuses... Aristotle would know!

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