Monday, August 24, 2015


1. Not selling the soul. (Principle.)
2. Not losing consciousness. (Patience.)
3. Applying the mind. (Essentialism.)
4. Selection of the best qualities of a given thing or event. (Decision.)
5. Physical defense. (Intelligence.)

6. Avoiding harm. (Wisdom.)
7. Not stretching thin. (Prudence.)
8. Not losing limbs. (Avoiding strangeness.)
9. Not tempted by sickness. (Avoiding death.)
10. Not conflicted. (Taming madness.)

So far, I have not really learned how to protect the mind, except by being perfect and complex!

The above writing will appear eventually in a text titled The Dimensional Defense Toolkit, along with a range of other included writings related to arms races, military tactics, martial arts, psychological warfare, interface with government, policing, and public welfare.

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