Wednesday, August 5, 2015


A long-delayed project, this is the first volume of the Archemesis / Quadrant Bible devoted to Genesis / Engenesis.


“…From this wonder gardens of archemesis Grew trees like shadows, and Eyes and dark flowers like the fire And some tangled in the mind Like trees that grew flowers And firey birds with shadowed eyes…” (ENGENESIS: 1:20) Describing his own unique interpretation of Genesis, Nathan Coppedge commands extraordinary language in this literary feat mixing Judaism, Christianity, and Paganism, that will move you to tears. The text follows the same order as the Jewish Tanakh Bible edition of Genesis. However, every verse has been painstakingly translated into a unique form of poetry incorporating words for alchemical symbols such as phoenixes, fire, coins, and trees, and emotionally overpowering language. Also included is a ‘Concordia’ of a type that accompanies many traditional bibles, as well as a short list of prayers of a Christian or Pagan variety.

The text can be purchased on Amazon HERE.

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