Friday, August 21, 2015



This is a book designed to aid in psychic prediction. It includes over five different methods plus supplementary materials, with descriptions adequate to make the psychic work for you!

From the Introductory Note:

“This book was composed on a number of inspired occasions. It was composed specifically in relation to another longer work related to psychology, titled The Dimensional Psychologist’s Toolkit. In that work, I attempted to make my intentions clear that one of the objects of the text was to broach the topic of psychic knowledge. But, unfortunately, due to the title I chose, readers were unable to determine quickly enough that that is what the book contained. This text is an attempt to re-purpose that material exclusively for its usefulness---as the title says---for psychic prediction. At least one major technique has been added since the last publication of The Dimensional Psychologist’s Toolkit, and all major references to psychic prediction have been included, in order to make all of this material available in as simple and proficient a form as possible.”

It is available at Amazon at the following link:

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